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Posted on 5/8/15 11:37:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

We are looking for an all inclusive guide for the Castle Clash Crest system.  This should cover all aspects of this system from start to completion, and each phase should be illustrated to such a degree that any new player to the forum will be able to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what they are, how, when and why they are used as well as the various levels, types, terms ie...forging / combining and how to accurately perform all necessary functions.


1. Your guide should be original. If there are duplicates with almost identical content we will choose the one that is completed first.
2.Guides should include Pictures illustrating your progression.
3. Guides should include clickable links to source data.

4. Incomplete, incorrect or incomprehensible materials will be discarded.
5. There must be at least 20 eligible entries for the TOP prize to be issued. If we receive less than 20 entries OR judge that none of the entries are worthy of the top prize then we can only offer the consolation prize of 200 - 500 Gems each as consolation prize to the valid entries.

How to Participate:
Fill in the requested info: (IGG ID, In Game Name, Platform and Server) with your post.
Missing or incorrect gaming info will result in forfeiture of prize.
Simply post your original guide.

1st Place = 1,000 Gems 
2nd - 6th =   200 Gems 

Event Duration:
8th May, 23:59 CST - 21st May 23:59 CST (GMT -5)

2.  Limit One Entry Per Account / IP Address
3. Spamming/Illegal contest will lead to being disqualified from event.
4. Questions are not allowed in the event thread - Use 
Event Q&A Link

5. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
You will receive your reward in 7-10 business days after event results announcement.

                                                                     EVENT LINK

Note: By submitting entries participants acknowledge acceptance of this binding agreement allowing the usage of all materials being submitted as stand alone guides and or incorporated into other advertising and / or tutorials vehicles such as wiki pages, and / or sites affiliated with  SkyUnion, IGG, their employees, representatives and /or volunteers for informational purposes and further agree to hold harmless & indemnify all said entities from any legal and or copyright disputes.


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