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[Event] [Forum Event] CC Themed Comic Strip - Voting

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Posted on 6/22/15 4:57:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The submission part of the CC Themed Comic Strip Event has ended and we have selected those we feel most deserving of the 1st through 3rd spots.  We know relinquish control to you.  When voting you should consider, whether or not entries meet a CC theme as well as content, quality and originality.

Event Duration:
June 22nd,- June 24th, 00:00 Server Time 

1st Pl. - 2,000 Gems
2nd Pl.- 1,500 Gems
3rd Pl. -1,000 Gems
30 prizes of 100 gems awarded randomly  


1. You may vote for as many entries as you would like.
2. You may only vote once per entry
     Let the voting begin!!!--------->  LINK


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