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[Event] Find the Warlocks

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How To Participate:
1) Post your gaming information in the required sections of the post.
*Note: Incorrect or Missing Information Will Result In Prize Being Forfeited*
2) Copy the picture and circle all the Warlocks 

3) Post your picture as your entry - PM a Mod for assistance if you have a problem or check here: How to post on Event

4) Post your answer here: Find the Warlocks

                                                              CLICK TO VIEW IMAGE

Post your answer here: Find the Warlocks

Event Duration:
August 11th, - August 18th  11:59 Gmt-5


1st  - 10th.......(Random) 750 Gems with correct answers
11th - 30th......(Random) 500 Gems with correct answers
Participation....100 Gems 

1. You can edit your post
2. One Entry Per Account/IP Address
3. No Questions / Conversations in the thread use Event Q&A Thread ---> LINK
4. Submission must be original content

5Missing or incorrect information will result in forfeiture of prizes.
6. Winners will be based on Member / Moderator vote 
7. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards and usage of all submission.
Rewards will be received in 7-10 business days after event results announcement.

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