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[Event] [Mult-Forum] Halloween Hide -N- Seek

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Posted on 10/28/15 9:11:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Introductions:  Halloween or "All Saints Eve" is a festival that has been celebrated by good and bad alike for many various reasons.  We here would like to think our alter motives are good, in that we want to give everyone a chance to win some items to help further your accounts.

Details:  The (10) Icons are scattered throughout the 4 participating forums. To participate all you will have to do is search all of the sections in all of the participating forums for the (10) items shown below. Once you have collected as many of the items as you can find, post your entry.  Each item has been assigned a point value, The total point value of items in your post will determine the total amount of gems won. Be sure to post before the event ends.

Participating forums: (Click to jump to the designated forum)

CC - Android               CC - iOS              Deck Heroes             God's Rush        
Hosts:        FirstLady                    KnightRaven            Cordi

Halloween Icons to find
50 Points

                    #1                             #2                              #3                               #4


                             #5                             #6                                 #7

100 Points
#8                                       #9
200 Points

Event Duration:
October 28th, - November 4th,  11:59 (Gmt-5)

How To Participate:

*Notice - The main event is taking place in the Castle Clash forum, if you need to make any changes to your entry please use the above link to redirect you to the main event page*


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