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[Event] [Forum Event] Creative Crest Event

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Posted on 11/5/15 7:48:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Some heroes just aren't that good. Try creating the best crest for 2 underrated Heroes, Siren and Paladin. Let this crest make these two heroes better and more useful overall.

How to Participate: CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Create a Crest That Makes the Two Selected Heroes (Siren and Paladin) become more useful in the game. When posting entry make sure to fill In with correct info. If info is incorrect Prizes will be forfeited.

Crest Name:
Description at 1/5:
Description at 5/5:
Brief description of how it help both Siren and Paladin:

Event Rewards:
1st Place: 1000 gems 
2nd Place: 800 Gems 
3rd Place: 500 gems 
4th-10th: 200 gems

Event Duration:
6th November - 12th November (GMT -5)