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[Event] [Forum Event] Mystery of the Missing Runes and Fames

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Posted on 11/11/15 4:48:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

 Mystery the Missing Runes and Fames 

Click here to view the full image: Mystery of the Missing Runes and Fames.

The Story:

Hill Giant had just recently gone on a journey to collect Runes and Fame from Lost Battlefield. When He returned from the journey he met His fellow heroes who were very excited to hear the stories he was about to tell from the journey he took. He told his fellow heroes that he will just pick his things up then get back at them. Unfortunately, they were all tired and sleepy so they told Hill Giant that he should tell the story tomorrow morning. Morning comes, and Hill Giant was unhappy when he found out that his Runes and Fame were all missing. When he asked his fellow heroes where his Runes and Fame were they were all too sleepy to tell him. Let us help him find those missing Runes and Fame amongst his fellow heroes.


1. Simply count and find as many of the missing Runes and Fame on the picture as you can. Click the link provided below to view the large image then save it. Encircle or mark those numbers of Runes and Fame you will find on the photo. Note that there is a number of Runes and Fame hidden on the picture so it must be checked carefully. You can view the large image here: Mystery of the Missing Runes and Fames.

2. After finding all the Runes and Fame, "Post the Picture" with the difference. How to post your entry? Please check here: Joining the event

The Prizes will be awarded amongst whoever can find the most Runes and Fame in the picture, starting with the most (or all) found.

5 Random winners of 900 gems
5 Random winners of 600 gems
30 Random winners of 150 gems

Event Duration:
11th November - 17th November