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[Event] [Event] [Multi-Forum] Christmas Hide - N - Seek

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Posted on 12/22/15 12:20:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Christmas is an holiday that carries many different meanings to many different people, children anticipate the many goodies awaiting them under the tree, Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, while many others simply enjoy coming together with family and friends, feasting, laughing, reminiscing and contemplating events to come all while enveloped in the warmth of joy & love.  To add a little joy into the lives of our members, we will be offering you the chance to obtain a some special treats.


To participate all you will have to do is search all of the sections in the participating forums for the (10) items shown below, each item has been assigned a point value, and You will find the Icons in the first 2 pages of posts, in ANY thread in first 2 pages of any Sub-forum". Once you have collected as many of the items as you can find, post your entry.  Be sure to post before the event ends.  The total point value of items in your post will determine the total amount of gems won.  (3) of the first 50 members to find all the items will be randomly selected to win a special treat.

Participating forums:  
CC - Android                CC - iOS              Deck Heroes
Hosts:                                 FirstLady                        Cordi                        KnightRaven
                         **Click on the forum name to be directed to that forum**
How To Participate:
~Fill in all your gaming information;
IGG ID: (Found in your games settings)
IGN: (Your account name in the game)
Server: (The game you play - CC, CCIOS or DH)-For This Event, normally this would be US/English
Platform: (The Platform you play on - Android, iOS, Amazon, FB, WP, AG or KG)
Note:  Missing or incomplete information will result in forfeiture of any prizes won.

~Search each of the participating forums to find the Icons.
~Copy the numbers below and add the link to the post you find the corresponding Icon

*Left Click OR Tap the post number top copy the link and post on the Icon #*
#1 - 
#2 - 
#3 - 
#4 - 
#5 - 
#6 - 
#7 - 
#8 - 
#9 - 
#10 - 
**Your Hero Selection__________________________

**You will find the Icons in the first 2 pages of ANY thread in any sub-forum**     

                        Click Here For -----→  EVENT PAGE

Event Duration:
December 22nd, - December 27th,  23:59 (Gmt-5)

Prizes: CC Forums
1 Point = 1 Gem (1,000 Gems Max)
1st 10 to find all icons (500 Gem bonus = 1,500 Total) 
11th -50th to find all icons (1,000 gems)

(3) Random members to find all the links: Choice of hero (excluding SM, Mino, Destroyer, Dread Drake & Ghoulem) Selected from the first 50 members to qualify
Discretionary participation prize at Mods discretion

**In the name of good sportsmanship the location of the Icons are not to be shared or discussed on the forum. Anyone found to be doing so will be disqualified from the event**

1. You CAN NOT edit your post or reserve a post.
2. Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address. 
*If you have problems editing, please PM one of us.*
3. Spamming/Illegal context will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread.
5. You can participant in only (1) Forum.

6. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced.


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