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[Event] [Winners] How Many Do You See?

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Congratulations to the Winners!!

Here is how to solve that problem with math
1. see there are 9 line in total every 3 lines can form a triangle,  so the total triangle that 9 lines may form 
is 9 * 8 * 7 /3/2 = 84
2.  but the lines coming out from the same vertex cannot form a triangle each vertex having 4 lines coming
 out if we pick 3 lines out of 4, the possible combinations is 4 and there are 3 vertices, so we need to 
subtract 3 * 4 = 12 from all the possible combinations result is 84 - 12 = 72

Easy, huh :D

39PhiiiiphiiiiiOS500 Gems
51PiletoSceletaAndroid500 Gems
65Kirill_623kirill623iOS500 Gems
94OlafBigglesOlafBigglesAndroid500 Gems
98Hambas1hambasAndroid500 Gems
103ioninho18ioninho18Android500 Gems
254AvineetAvineetAndroid500 Gems
329reedme98Hima84Android500 Gems
330RitujaakristylishAndroid500 Gems
370YanOriT0rtugaAndroid500 Gems
90tradgardsmastarenfreddie2222Android200 Gems
100resh7753ResH85Android200 Gems
104Jayrad12Jayrad12Android200 Gems
107JulioyvgegJulioyvgegAndroid200 Gems
119katy23katts23Android200 Gems
133EniyoEniyoAndroid200 Gems
136DubzMaLongDickiOS200 Gems
172Abhi786Abhi786007Android200 Gems
215tirubirabiaMellaMaximaAndroid200 Gems
235Goli1Goli1Android200 Gems
255RohitMontyrewarockerAndroid200 Gems
276ShakespeareGuyShakespeareGuyiOS200 Gems
278dartsdpiggyAndroid200 Gems
310IjustjoinedsochickenbawkAmazon200 Gems
337ViziViziAmazon200 Gems
342BejvakBejvakAndroid200 Gems
361Nikolai624Nikolai_624Android200 Gems
364RaveMakerRaveMakerAndroid200 Gems
366mottokotomottokotoAndroid200 Gems
368MohamedcoooMohamedcoooAndroid200 Gems
374KD1994KD1994Android200 Gems
405MimisHardyMimisHAndroid200 Gems
406AlucardTepesAlucardTepesAndroid200 Gems

Prizes will be sent within 5-7 days

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