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[Event] [Forum Event] The Mystery of the Crest Thief

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Posted on 1/5/16 10:08:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It was one fine morning when Harpy Queen, Siren, Succubus, Serpent Queen and Angel goes to an all day girls out. Harpy's boyfriend Werewolf were with Thunder God and Marauder. Succubus' boyfriend Cyclops were out for fishing with Ninja which they do occasionally every girls day out. Harpy Queen is very pond of collecting mythic crest. That day, the girls visited Shaman's place in the Merchant house to buy some Crest and items. Harpy's goal is to collect mythic crest which she loves to buy every time she and the girls go to Shaman's Merchant house. 

After the girls day out, everyone separate ways upon going home, while Harpy goes to see her boyfriend on Thunder God's house. She called first to Thunder God to check if her boyfriend were still there and she found out that Cyclops and Ninja are also with them. When she reaches Thunder God's house, She enters the house but no one answers her. She kept the item she bought for a while and then start looking on to the guys. 

Along the kitchen someone was present on the home.. As she was afraid of who might that is.. she hid her self under the table which from above was a keyboard of the computer. She begun to hear weird noises of scratches and threats that he will kill her. To her suspense, she types in different characters on the keyboard then run away outside of the house. Sadly, she was hit by the car driven by Warlock. She was brought to the hospital unconscious and while on Thunder God's house, police came to investigate. While investigating, Thunder God on the other hand noticed some symbols, numbers and letters written on his computer. He then submitted it to the police to find out a lead to the said incident.

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Here is what they find out:

Exhibit A: 


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Here are the police speculations to all exhibits found.

A. Find the secret answer by skipping 2 spaces (letters, numbers, symbols) for every one correct answer which starts in the beginning of the code.

B. The answer was encrypted by numbers. Each correct answer is hidden on every 2 steps after the letters and symbols. Decrypt the message to find what Harpy Queen’s message is.

A – 1                     M - 13                   Y – 25
B – 2                     N – 14                   Z – 26
C – 3                     O - 15
D – 4                     P- 16     
E – 5                     Q - 17
F – 6                     R - 18
G – 7                     S - 19
H -8                      T - 20
I – 9                      U - 21
J – 10                    V - 22
K – 11                    W - 23
L – 12                    X – 24    

C. To find the correct answer to the suspect we are looking for skip 3 spaces (letters, numbers, symbols) for every one correct answer. The answer shows when you face the sentence in front of the mirror.

How to Participate:

1. Solve the 3 exhibits given by the police to solve the crime.
2. Give the answer for the following exhibits
A __________
B __________
C __________

3. You can refer here to know how to participate on the event --> Joining the event


1st 3 random winners of 1000 Gems (correct answers)
2nd 5 random winners of 500 gems
3rd 30 random participants of 100 gems

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Event Duration:
4th January - 10th January 23:59 (GMT-5)