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[Event] [Fan Art Event] Draw the Winning Heroes

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Posted on 4/5/16 6:03:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Introduction:First we would like to Congratulate the winners of the Create a Hero Event. Well done to Rob2511Myrle and Ouchie!

Now it's time to let your artistic talents loose by drawing a picture of what you think the winning heroes would look like. You can draw One, Two or all Three heroes if you feel up to it.

Details: Show us your artistic impression with a drawing of how the winning heroes should look, Based on their Names and Skills. The names of the heroes are below, click on their name to see the original concepts;

Valkyrie               Joker               Voodoo Doll

You can use any medium you chose, be it Pencil and Paper, Paint and Canvas, Paintshop, 3D Rendering ect.
It has to be Original and Non-Offensive, any copied work will be disqualified from the event.

How to Participate:
~ Fill in your personal details in the space provided
***Note: Missing or Incorrect Information Will Result In Forfeiture Of Prizes***
~ Submit your drawing(s) of any of the 3 heroes listed above


Event Duration:
5th April - 12th April 23:59 (GMT -5)

1st place 2000 gems per hero
2nd place 1500 gems per hero
3rd place 1000 gems per hero