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[Event] Battling Dragons Event

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Posted on 10/15/16 8:45:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

With the release of our newest dragon "Demogorgon" who is being lovingly nicknamed (Lightning) joining "Arctica" (Ice) & "Moltanica" (Fire) in IGG's event hero lineup. A new conflict has also arisen causing the skys to be riddled with Fire, Ice and Lightning in their quest to be the best.  Who will emerge victorious from the rampage of our "Battling Dragon's" FanArt event. Show us your creation of our Dragons at war and tell us who you think will be the last Dragon in the sky.

How To Participate:
1) Post your gaming information in the required sections of the post
2) Post your original submission which can be Media, hand drawn, photoshopped illustrations or transitional Screenshots, along with 50 words or less on who will be the winner and why?

Event Duration:
October 15th - 22nd 23:59 Server Time (GMT-5)

1st Pl. - Arctica
2nd Pl.- Moltanica
3rd Pl. -3K Gems
Winners will be selected by Mod / Admin teams **Additional prizes may apply**

1. You can edit your post
2. One Entry Per Account/IP Address
3. No Questions / Conversations in the thread use Event Q&A Thread ---> LINK
4. Submission must be original content, no copies of content from other entries or forum.
5. Missing or incorrect information will result in forfeiture of prizes.
                                      *Check your gaming info carefully*
6. Winners will be based on Member / Moderator's vote 
7. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards and usage of all submission.

*Inflammatory, derogatory content will be disqualified & account warned accordingly*

Rewards will be received in 7-10 business days after event results announcement.

Enter Here

LINE: iYoDa2.0