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[Event] Mini Event Round 8

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Answer a simple question each week for your chance to win a prize!!
The most creative answer will be selected as the Weekly Winner

Participating Forum;
iOS US Version

How to Participate;
-Post your IGN, IGG ID and Platform using the Fields below.
Please check your information thoroughly
-Post your answer to the question of the week,
-The Moderator Team will select the Winning Entrants and vote on a winner

-You CAN NOT edit your Post (unless instructed to)
-ANY vulgar/tasteless/profanity images posted will deem the user disqualified
-Limit ONE entry per Account/IP Address
-Spamming and advertising will lead to disqualification
-IGG reserves the right of the final interpretation of the Event, its Rules and Rewards.
-Questions and comments are NOT ALLOWED in the Event, please use the Event FAQ Thread
Rewards will be sent within 5 business days of the Winner being announced

Rewards are selected at random and given for First Place only

This weeks reward;
1,000 Gems!!

This Week's Question

If you could add/remove/change a building/background/talent/hero/game mode/reward etc etc what would you change/add/remove and why?
**As this is possibly the last Mini Event there is NO word count on this, be as descriptive as you like and as usual the most entertaining response will be deemed the Winner!!!

LINE: iYoDa2.0
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I would change two things one would be the cost of gems. Not everyone can afford the amount that gems cost this impacts the owners because they don't get as much money and it impacts the players because they can't buy gems for events, heros, etc.. The second thing I would change is the building ubgrade time. Some building take way to long to ubgrade and can make players tired, for incstance to get a tower from level 14 to 15 takes 7+ days and not everyone would want to wait that long.

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Aw before I start sucks that this will be the last one :( but I know many people will say rolling system but my big change will be enlighten crests! Many people use enlighten to boost their newest hero as fast as possible but then they get a talent that's suits the hero. For instance you get a lil nick but u had a 5/5 enlighten sitting there. You want to get that up as fast as possible but then you rolled a wg or bw the next day. Then you'll have the idea of wether to give it to another hero (let's say this time you don't have another) or skip quests. Enlighten crests can remove all these problems!

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I would like to have the following changes / new features, if possible

1. To have the "name change" function.  Some players started this game without careful thinking  of a good name ID.  IGG may give them a chance to update it (with a price of some gems maybe).

2. To open the “gem gifts" after 1.5mn.  Some players will continue to spend money on this game.  IGG may consider rewards for those players after purchasing 1.5mn gems.  The current reward heros  - "Spirit Mage, Minotaur Cheiftain, Destroyer"  are not as strong as they were.  IGG shall consider how to motivate those players willing to spend money for better game experience.

3. To give more choices for players to spend gems.  Currently gems are mainly used for hiring heros and refreshing talents.  It can also add battles in the dungeons.  Can IGG also open the gems for other battles, like HBM, Team HBM, etc?

4. To enhance the troops capabilities.  They are so weak and people would not like to have them in the camps.

5. To have new magics with which players can deal with harder tasks.

6. To have the defensive team and offensive team separately.  This is very useful in the Guild war events.  As I may have some heros for attack but different diffending heros in the base.

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If I could remove or change or modify something in the game it would be quite a lot of things. Please read all but especially the last two points about the crests and artifacts as those are the more important changes.•The first thing would be the rolling system. I would increase the percentage of legends or the chance of them being able to be rolled. Not sure how the rolling system operates but I would definitely tweak it so more legends pop up.•The next thing would be the chances of getting heros or better rewards from uncover the treasures because that's really the only way f2p players can get event only heros like moltanica, arctica, or demogorgon.•The next thing would be to implement some type of guild gifts into the game similar to lords mobile. Something was said about this mode but nothing was really put into effect.•The next thing I would add would be guild wars replays. Some people get attacked hundreds of times so we wouldn't be able to see every defensive attack but at least the last 3 or so. It would help people improve their defense more because they can't really do that by looking at their defensive replays because spells are used in them and it's way to easy to 3 flame with spells.•Another thing I would implement into the game would be a better tutorial. The one existing right now doesn't explain much except how to attack in battle and things. Lords mobile has a very good tutorial and it is needed because of all the different game modes. Castle clash has many different game modes so it would be nice if the player could be explained the different game modes and talked about them because they may not always click on the discription. Also when new players join the game it is really hard for them to catch up to the top unless they buy because there are so many legends able to be bought. I know the top players have to be entertained because that is where the real revenue comes in but new game modes could be implemented in for them to keep them competitive. Rankings with great rewards at the end of the week not only in castle crisis but also in arena. Arena is one of the dead game modes just because the rewards aren't that great. I would definitely add in better rewards to keep the top players competitive like maby fame or a gem reward at the end of the month or week.•Now the last and final thing that I would no doubt edit the first time I got a chance would be crests.  Crests are such a pain to organize in the warehouse and on the heros. It takes up so much space and really makes higher players not even want to do different game modes because they have to change crests around for every different game mode. The first thing I would do with crests would make a new building for them that doesn't limit how many crests you can forge.•The other thing that I would do for the game modes is create a crest set and artifacts set and pets for each hero and it's game mode and it be saved so you don't have to change it again. For example: you go into a certain game mode say guild wars. There is a section that says manage crests and artifacts and pets. You go into that section and manage the crests for each individual hero you will be using in guild wars and the artifacts and pets- putting the different heros you will be using in them. Once everything is managed there will be a save button that saves all the crest placements for the heros and the artifacts and pets. There is one of these management sections for each game mode- dungeons, arena, lost realm, mesa, torch battles- every big and small game mode. Now when you go into the game mode you don't have to change crests or artifacts or pets at all because it will already be saved into the game mode. This feature would make the top players not hate changing into each game mode and because they won't have to set crests, pets or artifacts. This will save a lot of time and make every game mode 100% more wanting to be played even arena. Please look at these things and maby implement a few of them into the game as it will really improve the game but also the fun per game mode. It will be the player us having more fun then changing things around in the hero alter. These changes would make things so much better.
Thank you IGG.

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I would allow one spell in guild wars.  It does not make sense to have spells available for raids, but then for guild wars it is a "forgotten" asset.

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Adding more spells would give the game play more excitement.the spells have not been added for the past many  months.Looking forward to more spells addition in the future.

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I would add game mode where you can go with you friends 2v2 or 3v3 or more with 5 heros versus other players. And i would add rewards in flame cuz that everyone need. I think it would be fun and commpetative in the same time.

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Hmm, I hope they can add in "plants" function. 

When I first started CC, we can use builders to remove trees and rocks. We get 1 gem for each tree removed I think... 

Might be a little stupid to be cutting down trees again and again, and also most players on cc would have long removed all rocks and trees. So here is my idea:

A new item "Seeds" will be added as one of the reward from guild chest reward. Similar to pets, we have green/blue/purple seeds.

Seeds can be grown anywhere within the map. 1 builder needs to be assigned to 1 seed in order for it to function. 5 builders = 5 seeds

Seeds take up 1 box spacing similar to bombs. Seeds will take several days to grow into a normal bush. This bush can den be removed, receiving 300 gems. 

Duration for different quality seeds:
Green = 15 days
Blue = 10 days
Purple = 5 days

This special plant will generate soulstones when it is fully grown into a bush. 

Lol random idea~ I choose soulstones as the reward rather than the usual shards/hb/merits/fame reward.

Keep Er' Goin
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I attack another player frequently, so I can get many mana. But I always can not use them enough, because there is too little chance to use.So I
Hope to increase chance to use mana.