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[Event] [Forum Event] Meet the Celebrities

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Posted on 3/29/17 5:33:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Meet the Celebrities

Introduction; To Celebrate IGG's new communication app WeGamers, we are holding an Event with lots of great prizes up for grabs!!

Hosts; FirstLady, iYoDa2point0, MythMaker, 

Participating Forums; All Castle Clash US Platforms

Duration; Mar 29 00:01 - 13 Apr 23:59 Server Time GMT -5

How To Participate;
**Firstly download the WeGamers App for your Platform
Android iOS Kindle APK 
**Follow one or all of the Forum Moderators 
FirstLady - FirstLady-CCSM
iYoDa2point0 - iYoDa2.0

MythMaker - Mythmaker
**Accumulate 4,500 WG points by using the app in general
**Post your details in the spaces provided along with a screenshot of the Moderators profile showing you following them, a screenshot of your WG Points total (found on the Me>MyPoints tab) and your WeGamers ID (can be found by pressing "Me" in the bottom right of your screen)
**See below for an example of a Valid Entry

10 Winning Entries will receive 
1x Legendary Hero Card (Event)

**All valid entries will be put into a random generator and selected this way to keep the event fair.
**additional prizes may be applicable at Moderators discretion

Event Rules;
1. You can NOT edit your post.
2. Any Vulgar/distasteful/obscene images will deem the user disqualified
3. Missing or incorrect information will deem the user disqualified
4. Limit ONE entry per IP Address/Forum Account
5. Spamming and trolling will deem the user disqualified
6. IGG reserve the right to the final interpretation of the Event and its Rules
7. Questions are not allowed in the Event Thread, please use the
Event Q&A Thread

Example of a Valid Entry;

WeGamers ID: QB1780

 Enter Here 

LINE: iYoDa2.0