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[Event] [Forum Event] CC's 4th Anniversary Robber's Blessings

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Posted on 7/19/17 1:08:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Introduction: Castle Clash's 4th Anniversary is upon us again, and what a wonderful time to share your feeling to Castle Clash, by leaving your blessing to Castle Clash for a chance at some cool prizes!

Event Details: 
*Leave your blessing to Castle Clash 4th Anniversary 
*Fill in your gaming information in the spaces provided - Incorrect information will forfeit prizes.

Event Description:
1. It is a floor robbing activity where the winners will be those who robbed the floor. After this event is complete, a random number from 1 to 10 is generated and used to reward the person with that number reply on every page (floor) of responses to this Post.
For example: The event completes, and the randomly generated number is 4. The author of the 4th response on every page is a winner. If that entry is invalidated, the next replies' author on that page wins instead.
2. Players need only post your blessing for the 4th Anniversary of Castle Clash. Anyone who ignores this rule, robs the floor maliciously(continually replies more than 5 time), replies with thoughtless (gibberish) content, insults or slanders, will lose the opportunity to chase the rewards. 
3. Each member can only win one prize. If a user is selected via the sequence more than once, we will only count the first winning entry. And the extra rewards will be turned to the next valid winning entry.

Event Rewards:
If you are lucky enough, you may be awarded a Legendary Hero Card (event).

Event Duration: July 17th, - July 23rd, 23:59 Gmt -5

Event Host: FirstLady + OlafBiggles

Event Rules: 
1. You CAN NOT edit your post - contact a host for assistance with any posting issues
2. Limit 5 entries per account/IP address. *mean on any Account/IP Address or DNS Network*
    *If you have problems Please PM one of  the Moderator Team.*
3. Spamming/Illegal content will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are not allowed in the Event thread - Use the Event Q&A thread.-----> Event Q&A
5. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced.

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