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[Event] What Would Your Ultimate Guild Name Be

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Posted on 8/10/17 12:13:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings Clashers!  Castle Clash has put forward a new function which allows us to change the guild name. If your guild is scheduled to change the name, which one do you prefer?

How To Participate:
1. Provide your original guild name;
2. Provide the new guild name which you want;
3. Provide your IGG ID, our official will send the gems to lucky participants.
Note: Change a guild name will consume 10 Name Erasers.
*You do not have to actually change guild name to qualify*

Event Duration:  August 10, - August 17,  23:59 Gmt -5

Event Host: FirstLady & Desiwarrior. 

Prizes: Over 100 VALID participants = 500 Gems per valid entry
              Under 100 VALID participants= 300 Gems per valid entry
1. You CAN NOT edit your post or reserve a post.
2. Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address. *mean on any Account/IP Address or DNS Network*
    *If you have problems editing, please PM one of us.*
3. Spamming/Illegal context will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread.
5. You can participant in only (1) Forum.
6. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced.

Submit your entries :>>Here<<

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