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[Event] The Great CC Laughter challenge !

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Posted on 10/15/17 4:57:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Great CC Laughter Challenge!

Greetings, Clashers! Do you have the humor to tickle one's funny bone? Then this event is for you!  Complete the partial sentence with your witty troll for a chance to win prizes.

How to Participate:
Players will be given a one-liner from the CC Mod Team, and players will be required to fill in the blank in the most fun manner possible, without violating any forum rules.

The Question:
Everyone is scared of the Paladin because ____________.

How to Enter: 
 *1. Enter your in-game data provided (NOTE: Incorrect or in complete data will result in a forfeit of rewards)
 *2. Enter the sentence above and tranform into your funniest short story troll.
 *3. Enter what reward you want( 300 gems or 5 Fountain Fortuna Tokens)

First place*1: 500 Gems and 10  Fountain Fortuna Tokens
Other valid entries: 300 gems or 5 Fountain Fortuna Tokens(you can choose either of the rewards)
*Awarded to the best valid responses (Total number of awards based on number of valid entries received.)*

Event Date:
10/13/17-10/20/17 23:59:59 Hrs Server time (GMT-5)

Event Host:
Desiwarrior & scottbryant 

1. You can NOT edit your post.
2. One Entry Per Account/IP Address/DNS network.
3. No Questions / Conversations in the thread use Event Q&A Thread --->  
4. Submission must be original content, no copies of content from other entries or forum.
5. Missing or incorrect information will result in forfeiture of prizes.
                                      *Check your gaming info carefully*
6. Winners will be based on Admin/Moderator's choice 
7. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards and usage of all submission.
*Note: Inflammatory, derogatory content will be disqualified & account warned accordingly*

Rewards will be sent within (5) business days after announcement of Winners.


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