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[Event] [Forum Event] Castle Clash -Soccer in the Swamp

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Posted on 6/15/18 1:17:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Clashers!. 
Soon we will have 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia along with great emotions related to sports competition. Our Michael is so excited about this tournament that he wants to play his own version, Soccer in the Swamp, with 2 of his best friends: Anubis and Wallawalla. 

You need Michael to score a goal. First you need to choose one of the given talents and after that, choose which goalkeeper Michael should face (write your answer as a combination of one number and one letter), and let's us know why you choose this combination to score a goal. The most interesting answers will get the top 3 prizes. 

How to participate: 
1. Using Michael to charge, choose a Talent (number) and a Goalkeeper (letter).
2. Write your answer (3B, for example) and add a brief paragraph to explain why did you choose that combination.
. Double check your gaming information before you will submit your answer, This is most important part !!!!
Remember that incorrect or missing info will mean forfeiting of prize !!!

June 14 - June 20, 23:59 Server Time

Event Host: Cichociemiak + FirstLady

1st place  - 3000 gems + Michael and Treantaur Hero Skins (50 scraps of each one)
2nd place - 2000 gems + Michael Hero Skin (50 scraps)
place*3  - 1000 gems
Additional rewards of 500 gems, based on percentage of valid entries will apply.

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