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[Event] [Forum Event] Archdemon Breakout

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Posted on 8/2/18 10:11:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Clashers!

A terrible thing has happened. Archdemon escaped from Castle Clash Dimension and somehow found the way to our. We need to defeat him, and sent him back before he will destroy our world. We have the possibility to send team of 6 Castle Clash heroes to our world so they can stop him, but they have no idea how to prepare for that task.


You need to pick combination of 6 heroes along with Talents, Crests and Pets which will be able to defeat him and send him back. You must also provide brief description why you picked those heroes, talents, crests and pets and how this will help them to defeat Archdemon. Remember to be original and creative. Also remember that demon it's immune to stun, energy reduction, fear like typical Archdemon.

How to participate:
1. Pick 6 heroes, select talent and crest and pet for everyone of them just like in game
2. Write why you picked those heroes, talents, crests, pets and how they can defeat Archdemon,
3. Fill your gaming info in proper slots.
4. Double check your gaming information before you will submit your answer, This is most important part !!!!
!!! Remember that incorrect or missing info will mean forfeiting of prize !!!

August 3rd - August  9th, 23:59 Server Time

Event Host: Cichociemiak + iYoDa2point0

1st place  - 3000 gems + 50 scraps of Creation-01(Iron Goalie)and  50 scraps of Sasquatch(Optimum Primal)
2nd place - 2000 gems + 50 scraps of Sasquatch(Optimum Primal)
3rd place  -
1000 gems
30% of the valiad entries would be awarded with additional 500 gems .

Event Rules:
1. You CAN NOT edit your post *Make sure all information is correct because you will not be allowed to edit them*
2. Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address.
 *If you have any problems with making post, please PM one of the Event Hosts.*

3. Spamming/Illegal context/posts not related to event will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread for all questions.
5. Winners will be determined by Mod/Admin team,
6. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced

Click >>>>HERE<<<< to enter

LINE: iYoDa2.0