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Posted on 11/7/18 3:04:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings, Clashers!. It's time to test some basic Castle Clash knowledge, solving a puzzle. Can you figure out this crossword?.

Event Description: On the following image, you will find hints to solve the Crossword. All the words belongs to heroes, game modes, resources, etc., from Castle Clash. 

3 - A scarlet gem granted life and powers to him.
5 - She fused her body with ice and gained magical power.
6 - Resource needed to upgrade Destiny.
8 - She is ready to discover new frontiers and explore alien civilizations with her Skin.
9 - Talent added to the game on August Update.
10 - Resource needed to level up your Equipment in the Armory.

1 - Name of the builders walking on your base.
2 - Game mode to earn Fame daily.
4 - This pet's skill is called Bubble Shot.
7 - Max level for these buildings is 15.

How to Participate 
1) Include all gaming info in the area provided 
*Warning: Incorrect or missing info will mean forfeit of prize. Double check your gaming info*
2) List your answers in the format provided below. 
3) Enter and you are done. 


Entries that do not follow this format will automatically be disqualified.

>>>Click here to participate<<<


1 x Prime Hero Card III (Number of rewards will be based on a percentage of total valid entries) 
750 Gems "Randomly" Awarded based on participation

Event  Duration: November 06, - November 12,- 23:59 (GMT-5) 

Event Host:  [Saouri + Cichociemiak]

Event Rules: 
1. You CAN NOT edit your post - contact a host for assistance with any posting issues
2. Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address. *mean on any Account/IP Address or DNS Network*
    *If you have problems Please PM one of  the Moderator Team.*
3. Spamming/Illegal context will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread.-----> Event Q&A
5. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.

Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced.


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