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[Event] Forum Event: HBM Guide Contest!

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HBM guide part 2


Heroes play an extremely important role in HBM. You can useneither troops nor towers, but you will hardly win without heroes.

There are 3 things about heroes team-up that you must keepin mind

1)      Place healers. That should be Angel, or Druid,or both.

2)      Place AoE skill heroes such as Engineer,Pain-Da, Serpent Queen, Thunder God, etc.

3)      Stick all your heroes close together.

Let me explain

1)      Since you have to defend against 5 consecutivewaves without refresh, it’s hard for your heroes to stay alive within 5 waves.They can’t regenerate themselves, so the best solution is placing a Healer inyour team.

Currently there are 2 healers available inthis game, which are Angel and Druid.

-          Angel is an Ordinary hero who is easily obtainedby hiring with both Honor Badges and Shards. Because of that, she’s not a good choicewith low stats and weak healing skill (only heal one ally for all skilllevels).

-          Druid is a Legendary hero who is ultra rarelyobtained by both Gems and Honor Badges. As a Legendary hero, he has very highstats and strong skill (heal multiple units and increase their attack damage).It’s highly recommended that you should get a Druid in your team-up.

+ For players who luckily got Druid throughrolling with Gems and Honor Badges, or got him by purchasing with Shards, youknow how strong and useful he is.

+ For players who don’t have any Druids andwant to get Druid with Shards (1800 shards), it’s not bad for you to use Angelas your healer to farm Shards from HBM.

+ For players who want to get Druid by Gemsor Honor Badges, of course, keep rolling.

2)      HBM attacking units are not only enemy heroes.There is an amount of troops to go along with these heroes. And if they come ina large number, you have a real problem. They can easily demolish buildings (ifyou let them do so).

The solution for this is having AoE skill heroesin your team-up, such as Engineer, Pain-Da, Serpent Queen, Thunder God, etc.whose skills have Area of Effect damages.

As heroes gain Energy by either attackingor being attacked, they proc faster if both attacking and being attackedhappen, and with that advantage, AoE skill heroes can do their job best: wipeout all troops as fast as they can.

It’s recommended that you should have aThunder God since his skill strikes anywhere far from him or not (unlike other AoEheroes whose skills only have effects closely around them).

3)      When the enemies are attacking around your base,if you place your heroes away from each other, one of them can accidentallyjump out to attack the enemies, and easily be killed for receiving too muchdamage, one by one. Because of that, heroes work best when they’re placed closetogether.

This is not only to avoid an accident jumpout of a hero but also to take advantage of their skills (can only be castwithin range).

Placing your heroes together, you defend 5xfaster, stronger and effective. All AoE heroes proc together, Druid heals allof them, nothing can defeat your heroes.


- Tankers are not a bad choice. They will give your towersmore time to attack the enemies.

- Damage reflection skills like Atlanticore’s, Flame Guard,etc. work great since they count as AoE skills.

- Heroes can die, and of course, they will have revivaltime. But when you attempt HBM, your heroes are temporary respawned, whichmeans you always have full heroes team-up in HBM while the real revival timestill counts. If your heroes die in HBM, new respawn cooldown replaces the oldone.


Besides heroes, towers play a great role in HBM. They arenot only used to attack but can also attract the enemies. This gives you anadvantage that  your heroes will havemore time to both attack and survive (when your heroes are focused, you knowwhat will happen). Make sure you place your towers in a position that coveryour base to avoid troops stucking killing the clock.

Garrison heroes into towers to increase their effects. Tapthe Garrison button of a Towers to put heroes. Heroes must be available (not inHero Bases and in other Towers) to be garrisoned. Hero’s level and hero skill’slevel count as garrison points, Ordinary Heroes for green effect, Elite Heroesfor blue effect, and Legendary Heroes for Purple Effect.

Garrison effect will be shown around the tower, specified byits number (garrison level) and its color (garrison type).

There are currently 3 types of tower which can be upgradedfrom Level 10 Watchtower: Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower and Magic Tower.

+ Arrow Tower

They have high HP and high damage, and focus on enemy heroeswith single shots. Arrow Towers are the most used tower in HBM as they havelong attack range (with green garrison) and devastating damage dealt on heroes(with purple garrison).

+ Cannon Tower

They have good range, splash but not high damage, and themost disadvantage is they only hit ground units. Troops from tier 2 and 3 whoare flying units such as griffins, dragons, ornithopters, etc. will makeCannons quite useless as they can only do minor damage to heroes.

However, for players who are farming HBM level A, B and C,all troops are ground units so Cannon is not a bad choice as they wipe out theenemies quite fast and easily.

+ Magic Tower

They have the same damage as Cannon, splash attack that hitsboth ground and flying units, but slow attack speed and hit limited number oftargets.

The only advantage of this type of tower is that they have achance to inflict coma with its blue garrison, which can be very powerful whenyou use a large number of them (the number of tower increases, the coma chanceincreases). For some defense strategies, Magic Tower is not a bad choice.

(to be continued)

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HBM guide part 3


Placing your buildings for HBM is extremely important. Asthe attackers’ priority target is buildings, your heroes and towers have moretime to attack the enemies.

A good base should have other buildings cover around the defensivebuildings and hero bases separated by walls. Looking at the top players bases tosee how they set their buildings, then you can copy it. If you do not haveenough buildings like them (such as walls), copy the idea, and place your ownthings with reduced number.

Here are some good strategies from some top players.

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Thanks everyone for participating in this event, we will be posting the winners list later today. Good Luck everyone!