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[Event] CC-iOS Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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1) xShrapnel

2) Eastern Standard Time

Why Do I want To Be A Moderator:

I would like to be a moderator, because I think of myself as a helping hand (for most of the time except on constant spamming of update threads, threads of people posting "hack tools", etc).  I will bring a positive aspect into the forum moderation, by doing the following things:

1) Helping those who need help

2) Keeping the community clean

3) Being an active poster

4) And coming up with new innovative ideas

5) Follow forum guidelines & rules to be a positive role model for the community


What have I done already:

I have helped many people out, and have aroused great & healthy conversations throughout the forums & the CC community.

I answer to all PM's asking for my assistance, and keep the community entertaining, whilst following all the rules.

I have helped many others backstage.  This is where it is not public & it is a private conversation.  I've been asked many questions, whether it be in-game or PM's on the forums.


How Active Am I?

I am usually on my computer, more than I am on anything else.  I usually have 2 tabs open:

My guild chat & the forum page.

I am always on here, contributing to the forum community.

I am usually on for 6+ hours a day (on my computer, and respond to new threads & PM's).  I don't linger around the forum however, I do a quick refresh every 5-10mins, to see if there is anything new, or people seeking assistance.

I can EASILY make the post requirements per day.

On weekdays: Come home after school and am on from 3PM - 10PM EST.

On weekends: 9am - 1am.  I am nocturnal.


Why Me?

1) Very fluent in English, and my grammar is next to flawless.

2) Very active community contributor.

3) I help others & consider myself a good leader.

4) Have been helping others since the first 3 days of when I got this game.

5) Have experience in moderation of games.

6) I will become the Live Support everyone wants!

7) Played this game at a high level, and have vast knowledge, that I am willing to share with everyone!

8) I will host mini events for the community to get some extra points & buy badges!

9) Come up with new innovative ideas to improve the game & the community!

10) I have experience in moderating games & gaming communities!

11) Will be a great asset to have on the forum moderation team.

12) Active in both sides of the CC forum!


Extra Info About Me:

Am leader of the guild: "TheCapitol"

Top 100 arena player (when I decide to try in the arena :))

Age: 15 (yet quite mature).

Background: Half Chinese | Half Canadian.

Honour roll student in highschool, grade / year 10.

Je parle en petite Français.  (I speak a little bit of French).


In-Game Achievments:

1) Leader of a top guild

2) Acquired SM

3) 4 level 100+ heroes.  Would have 5, but decided to use AC last moment of Pally going to 100 (Levels: 110, 101, 100, 100, 92)

4) Best arena rank: 84

5) Played 70+ days, and LOVE the game to death.  Most $ I've ever spent on ANY game, and most time invested. Made me quit CoC.



1) I have 1 warning, back at 50 money or so, for using bad language.  I was reading a thread & saw a curse word, and didn't see anything done about it, so I thought we were allowed

2) I have flamed a few times... but I promise that will stop.


EDIT: Added in In-Game achievments & confessions.

Q: Are you xShrapnel from the old forums?
A: Yep
Q: Wait, you're alive?
A: And well
Q: Are you still mod?
A: Nah
Q: Will you join my guild?
A: Thanks, but nah
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Ever since I have started playing castle clash, I have searched the forums relentlessly looking for answers to my questions. Edventually they would be answered and I would be very thankful for that. So I know the hordes of questions that new players have, and am actually compelled to answer them. Not only that, but I don't plan on leaving this game anytime soon. I am here for the long run, and I hope to help people with their journeys through this game and hope to get to know some of these forum members as well. Igg Id:110698046 In game name: Preferor Time zone: Mountain time/ Colorado

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Forgot to put that pumpkin duke is the biggest thing on my agenda right now. Once I receive him, I would happily give my gems rewards else ware. But would still like to be a moderator.

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BeagBawler is my forum name, at a Central time zone. I feel like I could help out tremendously. I've been lookin for more ways to get involved, and I participate in every forums event, and Facebook event. I play pretty close to all day. I am a Castle Clash addict, I even spend some bucks on the game. I constantly watch CC videos like SandSeven, and other YouTube videos. I've been playing for awhile, but not too long as as of right now I have 4 legendarys and the highest is 77. However, I'm in this for the long run. The game is very solid, and I'd like to contribute. I've even though about helping you guys out, via twitter. Twitter is a great way to spread the word and get more players. If you guys made a twitter page it'd help tremendously, guarantee it. I'd even co own it. I just want to be more involved and those extra gems wouldn't hurt. Won't be sorry you chose me.

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Also I am very friendly, and feel like I could help out people with problems about anything about the game. I've always been a leader, I could give a few tips, perhaps as well. I am in the top 30's for clans, and rapidly approaching the top players of the game. And those tips could go out via twitter. I could also tweet hints about upcoming items, or let people know servers are under Maintenance, and even answer people's questions they have about the game on twitter, on top of the assisting people 3/4 times a day. Let's face it, CC is growing, fast. Twitter feeds and assistance and as well as growth is just what CC needs. I could even gather votes on what the players would like to see weekly. I know twitter very well and could help you vastly.

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Forum account name: anykinebrah
Time zone: GMT -10

why do you want to become a moderator?

Well, first of all my reasons is so I can stop all these players who keep posting fake hacking tools since that annoys. Though I played this game for only 2 months(almost 3), I would like to help as many players as possible, though I already do that with my in-game account. I am also a very active player in-game and the forums.

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[backcolor=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)](1) F[backcolor=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]orum Account Name: 104496914
(2) Time Zone: (GMT -5:00) Eastern Tme (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima, Quito

          I want to be a moderator because i really love helping people it is something that is on the top of my list for everything, i even work on Computers i am a Certified PC Pro Technician A+ Pro, I have always helped people at very low cost just about 0-25 Dollars and i love helping people with just questions. I even helped autistic kids out in real life situations like school bringing them to their class and even helping them on their work i really enjoy doing this. Also if i am a moderator i can help people that have the read codes on and that way people would know its coming from somebody that is not just trying to trick them into doing the wrong things on their game, and i really enjoy Castle Clash when i first started i could not stop playing unless it was too help somebody and i never turned anyone down for help, i also help out the elderly by cleaning their house. It has been my number 1 priority to help people out. Also I am always viewing other peoples threads and replying on this account or one of my other accounts. I also have lots of suggestions for the forms. Also if i was a moderator i would be more respected as a gamer for people to know "This is some one who knows what they're talking about." I also have been playing Castle Clash for 5 and a half months (IOS and Android) and i am absolutely sure i know this game verry well. Also i have been wanting to be a Moderator since i first joined the forums. I also spent lots of money on this game because I love it so much I get $20 a month and I spend it all on this game each time. And I believe in not answering in one word questions, so if the question was "Does this game allow you to earn free Gems?" My answer would be "Yes, This game does allow you to earn free Gems click on the Shop (The hammer in the bottom right hand corner) and on the top left hand corner of the screen is a Free Gems icon, click that and start earning." I work very hard on helping out people. Also all my heroes on android are level 120 and up and my ios heros are 76 and up and I always come up with events to do but I never can do them. I even watch youtube videos of all kinds of players. I even know how to use a translator so when someone needs help and they speak a different language that I don't know I can translate it. I speak English and Spanish my Fluent language is English. And if I am a moderator I will spend even more money on this game because I will be working on forums and my spending will help me more but I will be on forums just about more than half and half. I also answer all the messages on the forums that I get. I come online a lot and check for messages. Also I always try to get more people to play I would go to school and tell everyone about it. I even go on the threads at school and watch videos at school.

My In-Game Name is: Ty1er

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Thread closes soon :) any last applicants?

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