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1. How many ways are there to reduce enemy troops ATK stat in raid?  ( Different Heroes are counted separately )

Answer: 4

One can reduce ATK stat using skills of Succ, Shaman or Moltanica.  It is also possible to reduce ATK stat using diaster magic.

2. What is the minimum number of walls needed to cover the entire base, so enemy CAN NOT spawn in the building area.  ( Can only spawn from the edge )?  Assumming only walls can be used on the base and they are unlimited in number.

Answer: 196

The length of base map is 40, each wall can cover 3 unit distance on map to prevent spawning. So to cover the entire map, one need 14x14 = 196 walls. See the pic below for illustration (only for demonstration, one need Lvl 20 Town hall to cover the entire map)

3. How many "arrow piercing through heart" design can you find in Castle Clash?  Where are they?       (Since the question explicitly asks where they are, you need to explain it clearly to be counted as correct. Simply giving a number is not enough)
Answer: 2

Cupid skill and walls in Dungeon 7 skeleton 1 map.

You answer need to include AT LEAST the above two designs to be considered correct.  If you counted cupid skill in different places, that’s also fine. But you need to state clearly D7S1 as a second answer.

4. How many different heroes have their statue in Castle Clash?

Answer: 5

Ninja, Frost Witch, Thunder God, Centaur Chieftain.

The one that’s easy to miss is Palladin ( upper left and upper right corner of the base map, not from store, one can also find it in arena)

5.  What is the minimum amount of Lvl 1 Engineers (no Limit) needed to be able to kill a Level 180 9/9 Druid whom is healing himself and building energy from the attacks?  Assumming Engineer deals exactly the base damasge each hit and DO NOT use skills.  Druid only heals and won't fight back.  All heroes have no talents.

Answer: 56

Because the number of engineers needed are definitely more than 7, druid will heal every hit.  Level 180 druid hp is 28720, heals 9190 proc for 9/9 skill.  Engineer deals 165 damage each hit if not consider procs from engineer, that's 56 engineers.  


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Great trivia.

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Great trivia as already mentioned

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Interesting. I honestly never saw the Paladins.