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[Guides] Might Guide

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Posted on 4/24/15 5:45:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

"Tired of being a noob? Need help acieving King or higher? Well here's the guide for you!

Might in CC is important now more than ever. With increased honor badge rewards, increased merits, and increased quest experience, there really is no reason to keep low might in CC anymore. In this guide I will explain the key essentials to increasing your might at any level.

1. Hero Expeditions
Honor Badges are what make your world go round when it comes to increasing might.  Not only are hero expeditions your primary HB income, but they are also a primary merits income. Do these EVERYDAY. If you cannot complete all ten of them (and in a timely manner), do not frett. Keep on grinding that HBM and improving your heroes arsenal. Starting off boss battles will support your HB needs, but later (king and beyond) hero expeditions should be your bread and butter.

2. Boss Battles
For several months I went crazy and didn't miss a single boss battle. At lower mights (below 80k), and even at higher, attending your guild's boss battle every day can really make a difference. Not only is it good for your might, but boss battles are a good time to get to know your guild, and to run Storm Mesa.

3. Garrisons in HBM
A "dupe" in regards to CC is a duplicate hero that you use strictly to increase your might. When going for a high might you want to have 68-69 of the best heroes you can get your mits on. While I do recommend keeping at a maximum 5 normal, and 5 elite heroes for garrisons, if you do not have enough legendary heroes to fill your hero slots, try holding onto the highest talent elite heroes you can find until you replace those with legendaries. What does this have to do with HBM? Well its simple, HBM is where you get most of your experience. And if you use garrisons to level up your dupe heroes, your maximum might will increase drastically. The only garrisons you should use in hbm should be heroes that you are trying to level up. Only use blue and green garrisons if you are trying to beat a HBM that you havent beat before! Farm hbm J ASAP!! Once you can beat J handily, move onto N, O, and then P/Q.

4. Lost Realm and Crystal Mines
Yes lost realm gets boring after time, but blue crytals are just as important as honor badges for increasing your might! The cool thing about blue crystals is that once you get your crystal mines to a decent level, all you have to do is log in and tap your mines 1-3 times a day to collect the crystals. So grind out some lost realm, get your crystal mines to AT LEAST level 15, and watch the blue crystals flowwww xD  You want to get your dupe heroes to the highest inscription level as possible, this is why both honor badges and blue crystals are so important for your might. Un-cap your dupes, raise their inscription, and then rinse and repeat!

5. Raiding for Mana (INCREASE INSCRIPTION!!)
Inscription in currently the #1 way to raise your might in Castle Clash. You want all of your dupes at their maximum inscription level, and your ultimate goal should be to get all of your heroes to level 80 inscription. With inscriptions being so important, raiding for mana becomes a daily part of your grind for higher might. Wile Minotaur is a luxury when it comes to fast raids, all you really need to focus on is getting a level 140+ hero team together, and LEVELING UP YOUR ARES FRENZY SPELL. With spells raiding in CC is childs play. I personally have a 5/5 revite Cupid and Mino which gives people absolue hell, but for those who don't have that duo, ares feenzy and GA (guardian angel spell) will make any hero team... A good hero team:)

6. Increase Dupe's Skill and Talent levels
Increasing all of your heroe's skill levels to 2/9 and then 3/9+ will also increase your might by several thousand. On top of this if you ever roll talents be sure to put 2/5+ talents that you don't need for your main heroes onto your dupes. Once all of your heroes have 2/5+ talents, start replacing the 2/5s with 3/5s and so on. This can even be done slowely by FTP players, so don't forget to put your talent rolls to good use!

An overview:
Get as many legendary heroes (dupes) as you can. Use elite heroes until you can replace them with legendaries. Level your dupes in garrisons in HBM. Uncap your heroes so that you can raise their inscription level. Do hero expeditions and boss battles for HB as often as possible. Get your crystal mines up in lost realm for a higher blue crystals income. Kill noobs in raids and take their mana! (for inscription). Everyone is a noob when you use ares frenzy spell ;)

I hope this guide has helped you, feel free to message me with any questions!!

Posted on 4/24/15 5:47:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here I increased my might by nearly 17k in one day! THIS IS NOT THE EASY MIGHT:) I spent several months saving blue crystals (7M) and uncapping heroes in HBM, and then did their inscriptions all on the same day!

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Good Guide!

Going to use it!

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Snow storm increases in size and duration as you level it up and will stun heroes, towers and troops in a wide area. Snow storm prevents magic towers from stunning your heroes.

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Don't forget the old school boosts too. Up your hero skill levels to help increase that might and put high level talents on secondary heroes. Good guide Andrew!

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Good call @pottshott, that is definetly something I will have to add.  3/9 skills and 3/5+ talent on all heroes also helps a great deal.

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Nice guide AJ. Very well explained and covers all aspects of raising might. AAA rating here :)

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Thanks 146645639!

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Nice job man!

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Spread the might! Bump ^^