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[Guides] Leaf's Insane Dungeon 1 Guide

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So with the recent update that introduced dungeon sweeping, I decided to push towards Insane Dungeon 1-10 for the healthy 69 shards and 32k experience. Took me three days of struggling and frustration to finally reach there. I'm here to make sure you don't suffer as much as I did. THIS IS A MINOTAUR AND SANTA BOOM FREE GUIDE!

Note: all strategy in this guide is out of order... It should always be 1. Meteor 2. Snow Storm 3.GA and Frenzy 4. Heroes 5. Copters. ALL STRATEGY SHOULD BE FOLLOWED IN THIS ORDER (except 1-9)!! Had someone confused earlier so decided I should clarify this since it was a mistake that made the strategy all very confusing.

First off, the heroes I used:

Crest Set
Pumpkin Duke1829/103/8 Berserk973/5 Revitalize
Druid1819/105/8 Stone Skin974/5 Flame Guard
Cupid1819/104/5 Revitalize973/5 Revive
Vlad Dracula1819/106/8 Bulwark983/5 War God
Death Knight1759/104/8 Life Drain963/5 Bulwark
Thunder God1655/104/5 Condemnation803/5 Tenacity
Spirit Mage1595/103/5 Enlighten802/5 War God


I used Thunder God and Spirit Mage interchangeably. Both garnered about equal results over all so figured I should list them both.

The main threats in these dungeons are the enemy heroes. Though they look like weaklings at ~100, they hit like trucks. If they start swinging at you, that run is over. The towers may look scary, but the good thing about many of these dungeons are that they are symmetrical and there are many ways to deal with the magic towers to prevent the stuns. Now on to the actual guide.

Insane 1-1
Honestly this one is quite straight forward. If you can't pass this, you won't make it through the rest of the dungeon. But for the sake of a complete guide, I shall tell you where to drop.

Strategy: Spawn top-left right next to the PD and Cupid. Tank with PD and GA and Frenzy asap. Freeze the three magic towers near the center.

And thats about it. Should be an easy 2 star and a manageable 3 star if you run it more than once.

Insane 1-2
Just like the first dungeon, this one is really simple. 1-3 is also very easy.

Strategy: Spawn top-left right next to enemy heroes. Tank with PD and GA and Frenzy asap. Freeze the two magic towers. 

Insane 1-3
This one can be a little tricky to 3 star, but I will just give you the simple 1-2 star strategy.

Strategy: Spawn on the bottom near the gold vault. Lead with PD. Freeze the two nearest magic towers. Once PD's health starts to drop, use Restoration. Drop Frenzy once PD stacks once. Finally, GA all heroes once they breach the walls and head into the center.

And that marks the end of the easy section.

Insane 1-4
This is the first dungeon that took me more than two runs to complete. Notice in the first dungeons, I did not mention a fourth spell, and that is because there is no real need for it. Here is where all 4 spells become crucial. For the sake of simplicity in this guide, I shall keep the 4 spells the same for all dungeons. This is also the start of the use of Ornithopters.

Strategy: Spawn right. Meteor the center. Lead with PD and GA and Frenzy asap. Freeze the three closest magic towers. Drop copters on the bottom to distract the lone magic tower.

Then just sit and pray and hope for the best. I use copters for distraction in the rest of the dungeons from now on. It may be hard to drop everything quick enough and may take many trials per dungeon just to get the timing right.

Insane 1-5
When I first got here I was completely baffled. I had absolutely no idea where to start. This is the third hardest dungeon in this set.

Strategy: Spawn left near the two Orks. Meteor the center. Tank with PD then GA and Frenzy asap. Freeze the two magic towers furthest left. Drop copters on the top to distract the four magic towers.

Once again, just wait and pray. It'll happen eventually and when it does, it is the best feeling in the world. (PD is 183 in this pic because I re-did this dungeon for a vid and pic by request.)

Insane 1-6
This dungeon is pretty easy... At least compared to the next two.

Strategy: Spawn bottom-right, right in front of the magic tower. Meteor the center. Lead with PD and GA and Frenzy asap. Freeze the sole tower and as many adjacent buildings/heroes as possible. Drop copters right on top of the bottom-left magic tower to distract it.

Insane 1-7
This is by far the hardest dungeon... I was stuck on it for over a day... Work through it though and it'll pay off. This is probably the dungeon that will make or break you.

Strategy: Spawn left, right in front of the magic tower above the AC, try to have the Ork swing at your PD. Meteor just left of the center, make sure to catch the TH still. Lead with PD and GA and Frenzy asap. Freeze the three magic towers around that AC, try to catch the AC with the freeze as well... Drop copters at the top to distract those three magic towers.

Theres the picture for reference... This one is a royal pain.

Insane 1-8
This dungeon is another huge hurdle to pass. Took me half a day to finally clear it.

Strategy: Spawn left as close to the opening as possible, this will make it so that PD walks the least to try and attack the vault. Meteor slightly to the left of the center, similarly to how you did it in 1-7. Tank with PD and GA and Frenzy asap. Now for this dungeon, drop the rest of the heroes slightly behind PD, you don;t want Vlad destroying the walls too quickly. Freeze the three magic towers, but avoid freezing the Druid, you want the Druid to attack PD and give him energy. Finally, drop copters near top to distract the three magic towers up there.
Another really tough one... quite difficult to get PD to stack enough.

Insane 1-9
And here is where you can finally relax. You've made it through the toughest of them all!

Strategy: This is a split spawn. First, meteor the center. Frenzy the left-bottomish and GA the bottom-rightish. Drop one copter anywhere to draw initial aggro from towers then drop PD in the GA and the rest of the heroes and copters in the Frenzy. Freeze the heroes that run up from the center to try and engage your heroes.

The drop for this dungeon is very quick and it will take a couple tries just to get the timing down. You can roughly see from the picture what I explained above. You can see the lone grave mark of my PD as well as the initial copter.

Insane 1-10
You've made it!! Now you just need to clear it! For this dungeon, take out any AoE heroes you have been using. For me this would be my Vlad and DK. The heroes I used instead for this dungeon were my PD, Druid, Cupid, SM,  Aries, and Reaper. Your main goal is to take out the enemy heroes. The towers are not that big of a deal. For this final dungeon, I brought Restoration instead of Meteor.

Strategy: Spawn right. Lead with PD and Restoration asap. Freeze the three magic towers and three arrow towers. Once PD stacks once, Frenzy. Once enemy heroes get close to your heroes, GA.

Below are pictures of each dungeon and where to spawn in case some of my instructions were not clear. Hope it makes more sense now!

Insane 1-1

Insane 1-2

Insane 1-3

Insane 1-4

Insane 1-5

Insane 1-6

Insane 1-7

Insane 1-8

Insane 1-9

Insane 1-10

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