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[Guides] Leaf's Insane Dungeon 2 guide

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Posted on 1/6/16 8:55:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello people of the internet! I am here to present you a complete walkthrough for Insane Dungeon Two!! This dungeon is not for the feeble minded! THIS IS A MINOTAUR AND SANTA BOOM FREE GUIDE!!!

So, just as before, my heroes:

HeroLevelSkill LevelTalentInscription LevelCrest Set
Pumpkin Duke1839/103/8 Berserk973/5 Revitalize
Cupid1829/104/5 Revitalize983/5 Berserk
Druid1829/105/8 Stone Skin974/5 Flame Guard
Vlad Dracula1819/106/8 Bulwark983/5 War God
Death Knight1759/104/8 Life Drain963/5 Bulwark
Thunder God1655/104/5 Condemnation803/5 Sprint
Spirit Mage1607/103/5 Enlighten863/5 War God


Decided to not skimp on crests and forged a 3/5 War God for SM. Also got her inscripted up a bit. There will be a little bit of crest changing throughout the guide.

Overview: The hardest dungeon is 2-7. Prepare to be stuck on this for over a day... Second hardest is 2-1. Third hardest is 2-5. Finally, the last obstacle in this dungeon set is 3 flaming 2-10. All other dungeons should quite honestly take no more than 2 tries. Please try to understand the thought process behind these drop points and hero placement so that you can modify strategies as you see fit. If something did not work for you, DO NOT say my method does not work (because is obviously does); instead, please politely include how you were able to pass it below. Lastly, I WILL NOT be recording any dungeons at all. The pictures provided should be clear enough.

Note: "Drop heroes" will mean drop PD in the GA + Frenzy first, followed by other heroes. I will indicate when to drop other heroes, but always, always, always drop PD first (except for 2-7) for this set of dungeons. Also, wherever I say where to drop Meteor, always make sure it includes the TH. This is crucial if you're using TG. Finally, this was all completed on the iOS server where we do not have evolutions yet so it is definitely possible for you!

For those who are not here yet: Guide for Insane Dungeon One

One final thing before I begin, HUMONGOUS shoutout and thanks to Wesvaroth, ranked 8 in might on the iOS server. He was the one to give me the initial strategy for 2-1 and 2-7.

Insane 2-1
So, you've decided to embark upon your journey through dungeon 2... This is a tough first dungeon... Absolutely nothing compared to 2-7 though.

Strategy: Drop Meteor towards the bottom-left of the TH. Drop PD + Frenzy just below the bottom corner. Freeze the 2 bottom most magic towers. Drop heroes, right before the first PD proc. Drop copters on the right to distract those magic towers.

Vlad should just fly through the base. May take a few tries before Vlad does not get stunned.

Insane 2-2
Dungeons 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4 are very simple.

Strategy: Drop Meteor just below the TH. Drop GA + Frenzy just left of the bottom, out of range of the magic tower on the right. Freeze the 2 magic towers to the bottom-left. Drop heroes, about 5 tiles behind PD. Drop copters on the bottom-right to distract those two magic towers.

Dropping other heroes behind PD gives PD a lot more time to start stacking.

Insane 2-3
Easier than 2-2.

Strategy: Drop Meteor just below the TH. Drop GA + Frenzy right below the SM and Druid. Freeze the 2 towers on the right side. Drop heroes, about 5 tiles behind PD. Drop copters in the hole right below the TH to distract that magic tower.
Woah I actually didn't even use copters to clear this now that I look at the pic lol. But if you're using them, drop them in that hole.

Insane 2-4
Easier than 2-3.

Strategy: Meteor right on the TH. Drop GA + Frenzy in the top-left divot of the leaf. Freeze the 4 right-most magic towers on the bottom. Drop heroes, you can just spam everyone in lol. Drop copters in the bottom right divot to distract the 4 unfrozen magic towers.

Pd will go crazy with all the enemy hero aggro he takes.

Insane 2-5
This one is tough. Was stumped for a couple hours. Waiting for copters to train is the worst.

Strategy: Drop Meteor just below the TH. Drop GA + Frenzy to the direct left of the bottom-left magic tower. Freeze the 2 left-most magic towers without catching the TG or Treantaur. Drop heroes, about 5 tiles behind PD. Drop copters in the slight divot on the bottom-left to distract the 2 magic towers there.

Gotta drop quick for this to work.

AceMan has suggested a different drop point that may be better for this dungeon. If it works better for you, please let me know and I will remove the original strategy I have right now. Thanks!

Insane 2-6
As easy as 2-2.

Strategy: Drop meteor on TH. Drop GA + Frenzy on the bottom right, just out of range of the magic tower to the right. Freeze the 4 towers closest to the GA + Frenzy. Drop heroes, about 5 tiles behind PD. drop copters in the right to distract those 2 magic towers.

With enough luck you won't get stunned by the unfrozen magic tower. I forgot to screen shot this one.

Insane 2-7
Holy balls this dungeon..... People may have assumed it was impossible without a Santa, but AHHAHHAHHAA, how you guys were wrong!!! I even see people WITH Santa's struggling!! AHAHAHAHA, as revenge on you lucky people with Santas, I will be keeping this strategy a secret. PM me if you want the strat and prove you don't have a Santa. Now you don't feel so good about having a Santa, do you? mwahahahhaha, my revenge. until I get a santa i will not release this strat........ JK but seriously IGG I would love to have a Santa :[

Strategy: Drop meteor to the bottom-right of the TH. Drop Frenzy on the two magic towers on the bottom-right. Freeze the 4 magic towers there. Drop a hero with revive (for me it was my DK) followed by PD. Right before PD procs, drop the other heroes and copters (12) on the very edge of the map, should be about 2 tiles behind PD. Once your initial hero dies, wait 1 second then drop GA on PD right before he's about to die.

Now the secret to the success of this?? THUNDER GOD!! TG was so clutch during this dungeon. He lands proc after proc after proc right on that TH compartment. This allows Vlad to fly through the side of the base instead of directly into the center. AHHAHAHHAH, old school heroes still rock! Another huge factor is delaying GA till the very last second. This will keep PD alive and allow for even more stacks. The ideal situation is that Vlad flies into the center then takes a sharp left or right, destroying the magic towers before they can even start an attack. Since you need to maximize procs from TG, put a sprint crest on him (mine was lvl3) so that he can run ahead of others to start proccing.

Insane 2-8
Easier than 2-4.

Strategy: Drop Meteor on the TH. Drop GA + Frenzy on the right. Freeze the 3 magic towers on the right side of the base. Drop heroes, about 1 second after PD. Drop copters on the bottom right to distract the remaining 3 magic towers.

Oddly enough I 3 flamed this on my first try. Not sure if I just got lucky or Batman is weak af.

Insane 2-9
This one may look easy, but the corners being filled with heroes can really mess you up if your Vlad is not able to fly right through them. Took me about 6-7 tries to finally get enough PD stacks, but the dungeon is very easy from a technical standpoint.

Strategy: Drop Meteor on the TH. Drop GA + Frenzy on the right, right next to those 6 heroes. Freeze the 2 magic towers in the quadrant without freezing the enemy heroes. Drop heroes, about 5 tiles behind PD. Drop copters on the bottom-right to distract that 1 magic tower on the bottom.

Insane 2-10
You've made it to the next sweepable dungeon! As difficult as it looks, there is an easy way to 3 flame this! Took a bit of strategizing with my guild to find the best drop point, but I got it done eventually!

Strategy: Meteor just below the TH, make sure you catch every hero in the TH compartment. Freeze the lone magic tower and all buildings/heroes to the LEFT of it, leave all heroes on the RIGHT of it unfrozen. Drop heroes, about 5 tiles behind PD. Drop Frenzy once PD stacks once or twice. Drop copters on the OPPOSITE side of where Vlad flies.

For this dungeon, put a sprint crest on Vlad and give the unused WG crest to TG. You can Ares Fervor on this dungeon as well, however I found this did not work fear me because my Vlad would just get stuck in the Th compartment for just a second too long leading to failure. Vlad should sweep across the screen in 1 proc. That means flying across the screen in under 4 seconds. IF done correctly, Vlad will take out the 2 magic towers on the side he flies to (for me he flew diagonally to the left) even before they can attack, and you will only need to distract the last 2 magic towers. IF all goes well, the dungeon should be cleared in under 10 seconds from when you drop your other heroes. Any longer and those heroes up top will destroy you.

And with that your journey ends. Congratulations for sticking with it through dungeon 2-7 and completing what may have seemed like an impossibility at first glance. Cheers. 

Be prepared for runs like this:

And this...

And of course those excruciating runs like this...    :|

And only being able to 2 flame this: 

Then this...

Also, fun fact, completely by coincidence, I have 666 flames... this occurs when you:
     - 3 flame every dungeon in normal 1-8: +390
     - 3 flame every dungeon from Expert 1-7, 2 flame every dungeon in Expert 8: +230
     - 3 flame 4 dungeons and 2 flame the other 6 in Insane 1: +24
     - 3 flame 2 dungeons and 2 flame the other 8 in Insane 2: +22

Insane 2-1

Insane 2-2

Insane 2-3

Insane 2-4

Insane 2-5

Insane 2-6

Insane 2-7

Insane 2-8

Insane 2-9

Insane 2-10