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[Guides] Leafs' Insane Dungeon 4 Guide

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I’m assuming you read my Insane dungeon 3 guide before reading this, so I’ll cut right to the chase. I will say though that this is the dungeon where I really started to appreciate TG. I used him in every dungeon.

If You’re Not Here Yet: Complete Insane Dungeon Three Guide!


HeroEvolution StageLevelSkill LevelTalentInscription LevelCrest Set
Cupid11569/104/5 Revitalize983/5 Revive
Pumpkin Duke11559/103/8 Berserk973/5 Revitalize
Druid11549/105/8 Stone Skin973/5 Revive
Vlad Dracula11549/106/8 Bulwark982/5 War God
Spirit MageN/A1727/103/5 Enlighten903/5 War God
Thunder GodN/A1676/104/5 Condemnation853/5 Berserk
Santa BoomN/A1547/104/8 Revive903/5 War God
WarlockN/A1614/103/5 Enlighten804/5 Flame Guard


The main 6 I used were Cupid, PD, Druid, SM, TG, and SB.

Insane 4-1
This one actually had my stumped for a while since I tried to get enemy heroes to build up PD’s energy, but after a while I realized that wasn’t really necessary.

Strategy: GA + Frenzy and SS, make sure you have both ACs and magic tower frozen. Drop heroes and Fervor. Drop Copters near the top-left asap.

I actually think you should be able to hold the GA for a little while. 

Insane 4-2
This dungeon is super easy. Just don’t let that Pixie proc.

Strategy: GA + Frenzy. Drop heroes and Copters and Fervor. Drop SS on the magic towers if your SB and/or TG have not already taken them out. If they have, freeze the Pixie.

If your PD can’t survive the initial barrage of arrows then once again refer back to my guide for Insane1-9.

Insane 4-3
This dungeon is a little bit challenging. 

Strategy: GA + Frenzy and SS, wait till the Molt moves in close the the bottom-right tower and freeze all 5 towers + Molt. Drop Copters at the top-left.

TG is cool.

Insane 4-4
This one wasn’t difficult, it just came down to lucky AoE procs. Theres a lot of spread out magic towers, but with enough luck your SM and SB will eventually hit the correct buildings/heroes.

Strategy: Frenzy and SS, yes its possible to catch all 3 magic towers. Drop heroes and Fervor. GA as late as possible. Drop Copters on the right asap.

WL and Destroyer are annoying.

Insane 4-5
This really should take only one try.

Strategy: GA + Frenzy. Drop heroes and Fervor. SS right before your heroes get into range of the 4 magic towers. Drop Copters on any unfrozen magic towers that may strike your heroes.

Notice in the pic how I have the hero drop point not directly against the wall. This is because GA has like a 1 second delay so if Druid attacks PD right off the bat he will die. Same goes for any other hero such as the Cupid in 4-8 as well as the GR in 4-9 and 4-10.

Insane 4-6
This was by far the toughest for me. I know Vaylkrie is a huge advocate for dropping at the bottom with an Aries to disable the WL, i could not get this to work without a Mino. The stuns just kept stopping me even when I brought a WL. I did get 46% using that strat, but before and after that run I did not manage over 30%. Overall I found the strat I used to be a bit more consistent.

Strategy: Meteor the TH compartment. GA + Frenzy and SS. Drop heroes when Molt is as far away as possible. Drop Copters as close to the center of the divot as possible. I did not lift my finger while deploying everything.
This was the one dungeon where I used WL. For this strat, the Molt will shut down 90% of your runs, but you just gotta keep trying till your heroes get enough momentum to rush through him.

Insane 4-7
Before using my own strat, I actually averaged 5-15% per run lol. I don’t understand why no one ever recommends coming from the right (I think I’ve only seen 1 person suggest it).

Strategy: Frenzy and SS when the Ninja moves close to the wall. Drop heroes and Fervor; PD will path around and determine that breaking the wall is the fastest way to the Ninja. Drop Copters asap at the unfrozen towers at the top-right. Ork will notice PD and run up to him. At this point GA. Ork will get PD stacking.
This is the only dungeon where I used Vlad since he does not take away from PD stacks in this situation and has great survivability. Be patient when dropping! The pic I took of this dungeon doesn’t have Ninja close to the wall but thats cuz I wanted all timers in the pics to be the same lol. First try using this strat I got a 40% and I cleared it 2 runs later.

Insane 4-8
After 4-6 and 4-7 this dungeon did’t even faze me lol.

Strategy: GA + Frenzy and SS (its only possible to freeze 4). Drop heroes and Fervor. Drop Copters on the right.

TG should demolish the core.

Insane 4-9
This dungeon is super easy.

Strategy: GA + Frenzy and SS. Drop heroes and Copters and Fervor.

SM is phat.

Insane 4-10
Omg you’ve made it to the final dungeon! Ideally you’ll want SM and SB alive by the time GA wears off so they can snipe any remaining buildings.

Strategy: GA + Frenzy and SS. Drop heroes and Fervor in a manner such that PD gains the aggro of the Mino, PD, and GR whereas all other heroes target only the Arrow tower. If you just spam everyone in, your other heroes will give too much energy to the Mino and he will shut down the run. To accomplish this, drop PD in the divot between Mino’s base and the wall, and drop the other heroes directly left of the tower. Drop Copters on the right to distract the unfrozen tower right before your heroes get in range of it.

This will take numerous tries to get the correct splits, but you’ll get it eventually!


Have fun sweeping this. Cheers. 

Insane 4-1

Insane 4-2

Insane 4-3

Insane 4-4

Insane 4-5

Insane 4-6

Insane 4-7

Insane 4-8

Insane 4-9

Insane 4-10

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Dungeon 4-1 I was having trouble with until this guide.  I used the heroes suggested and 2 starred it!
Thanks for the guide - very helpful!