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[Guides] Guide for the coming cloud feature

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Posted on 4/13/16 11:48:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Introducing Cloud Saving for Base Plans

The three base plans you create in Edit Mode can be saved on your device as temporary files in your cache. Unfortunately, these files could be lost when you clear your cache on the device. With the new Cloud feature, you can now save your base plans to the Castle Clash servers. Even if you lose your designs on your device, you can restore the saved plans from the server.

Saving & Restoring Base Plans

To access this new feature, tap the yellow arrows on the bottom right of your base to access Edit Mode, then tap Save to Cloud. Here, you’ll be able to save your three base plans or restore saved plans from the Cloud.
Save: Tap this to save all three of your current base plans to the Cloud. This will also overwrite any base plans previously saved to the Cloud.
Restore: Tap this to restore the three base plans on the Cloud to your device. This will also overwrite any base plans currently on your device.

1. The three base plans are all one file. Please edit and form all of your base plans before saving them to the Cloud. Each time you save the base plans, the new plans will replace the older set of three plans previously saved.
2. If you lose your base plans or wish to edit them, restore them from the Cloud and edit them as necessary before saving them again to prevent inconsistencies.
3. Before saving or restoring base plans, check the time and date of your last save and ensure that it is correct to prevent unnecessary losses.

Posted on 4/14/16 9:23:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to have an opt out of save to cloud feature to be available. Here's my reason,

My favorite game --> Castle Clash......