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[Guides] Farming Lava 3

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Just wanna share with you guys our Lava 3 set up, we hardly lose atm. The fastest we can do is with 44 secs left. First of all, it is important to know what the main goals are and then which heroes to use.

I. Main goals: Unlike the other Lavas, Lava3 has 4 capped demons at 4 corners, 2 of them have tremendous amount of HP and it takes ages to kill them. So it is important to survive (a few dead heroes means failure), do a lot of damage (center team) and have high DPS (the other teams, it doesnt mean the center team can't have high DPS).
1. Survive the Bottom Left Dyno: don't underestimate this guy, i believe he has 8/8 self destruct, when never he dies, he will take a few of your heroes with him. So those heroes that are near to him should have revive. If half of the your center team is dead after the explosion, it is already too hard to win. Your center team will face him right after Lava 3 starts.
2.Kill the center boss as soon as possible. Why? After the mentioned Dyno, normally, your center team will face the boss. This boss has a huge amount of HP and he is there for a purpose. (i) he takes a lot of damage from your team (2) he is THE TOP RIGHT DYNO PROTECTOR, i really believe that this top right DYNO has high level of BLADESHELL, probably, the only one, cause whenever he dies, our global proc heroes (PK, SM, Santa...) never die.
His strength: super high HP, has 8/8 revive.
His weakness: he is uncapped, can be stunned.
3.Kill the Top right dyno right after the boss: yeap, just above the boss, he walks down to your team most of the time. The earlier you kill him, the less likely that your heroes, especially global proc ones, will die.
4. Kill the AC on the right side of the map: i think most of place 3 teams on the right side of the map, the AC used to kill us once in a while. Once we started to use Artica, he doesn't proc anymore. This blue dragon is the solution but not the one for low budget or F2P players. Strong PDs, Ghoulems, Grims helped us to kill him but not 100%. Some players use Revit Mino to reduce his energy, just a few recommendations.
5. HIGH DPS: well, together with point 1-3, the other 3 teams should have high DPS and are able to prevent the right Demon from procing and/or remove his shield. Since we have scatter heroes, we use them, he can only proc once in the beginning. Using GF, Artica is also very effective, especially GF with only 3 CD secs. Pixie is another alternative, she has both scatter and the ability to debuff (remember she only hits 3 targets RANDOMLY, so she might not bring the desired result everytime). Scatter is only useful if your teams have enough, otherwise, it is pointless.

II. Who to use
As you can see in the pictures below, the teams consist of:

1.       Position 1: Tanker and super high damage dealt (not as much dps as high damage per hit because the boss is uncapped). It is very important to survive and kill the central boss and those dinos as soon as possible. This central boss has a ton of HP which means he will take all the damage dealt by the other positions leading to time-out. Key hero here is SK with high DS and revit. Our team:

Position 1:

- SK evo2, 10/10. 7/8 DS, 4/5 revit, Axe of Strife
-Ghoulem evo2, 10/10, 5/5 revit, 4/5 BW, axe of strife
-BT Evo 1, 4/5 LD scatter, 4/5 revive Goblet
-PK, evo2, 9/10, 7/8 WG, 3/5 revive, axe of strife
-Santa, evo2, 9/10, 6/8 scatter, 3/5 revive, axe of strife.

I ran a few times with K9Max, he used Devo BT and Devo Drax in this position, just awesome. BT increases the damage taken by the boss and Drax has 8/8 DS. Boss dies in no time.

2.       Position 2,3, 4: deal as much dps as possible. This is what we have:

Position 2:

- PD evo2 : 10/10, 8/8 zerk, 4/5 revit, Blitz 5
- Molt evo1: 8/10, 6/8 scatter, 3/5 revive, eye of aguda
- PK evo2: 9/10, 4/8 scatter, 3/5 revive, axe of strife
-Santa evo2: 9/10, 6/8 BW, 4/5 scatter, axe of strife
-Iceman: 7/10, 5/8 slowdown, 4/5 scatter. Very important, the top and left demons are perma slowed and they can’t attack when our heroes approach them.

Position3: (heroes detail might not 100% be correct)

-Ghoulem: evo2, 9/10, 6/8 BW, 4/5 revit, axe of strife
-PK: evo2, 9/10, 6/8 scatter, 3/5 revive, axe of strife
-Aries: evo2, 10/10, 5/5 revit, 3/5 revive, unknown. Revive on Boss and Bladeshell on Dyno don't work under Calamity. Our success rate reduces when we remove this hero.
-Santa evo1: 9/10, 5/8 WG, 3/5 scatter, axe of strife
- Artica evo2: 9/10, 6/8 scatter, 4/5 revit, Eye of Aguda

Position 4: (heroes detail might not be 100% correct)

-Ghoulem: evo2, 9/10, 5/5 revit, 4/5 BW, axe of strife.
-PK: evo1, 8/10, 5/8 HB, 3/5 revive, axe of strife
-PD: evo2, 9/10, 5/5 revit, 4/5 zerk, blitz
-Treantaur: evo2, 8/10, 5/8 revive, 3/5 revit, Victor.
-Val evo2: 9/10, 5/5 revit, 4/5 scatter, Victor. Revit Val helps to boost up in the beginning. Val is better than Cupid here because she can boost up position 2,3, 4 at the same time.

Since, we've been doing pretty well, we don't try SM, GR anymore but i know many teams use them. There is a reason why we still use Santa, his proc has high DPS and he doesn't proc often, which means, he doesn't always die due to Bladeshell.

Improvements that we are considering:
-More damage in the center: Devo BT,  use Drax.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. The above is simply what we are doing and we are always looking for improvement.

Sweeping: AF, I6-10.

Server: iOS
Guild: 7Seas
Life is short, so sweep.
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So, no Pixie's to drop the Demons' shields?  I was told you couldn't finish in time without having Pixie or Arctica.

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Sounds extremely hard to me!

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Thank you very much. I needed this:)

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Impressive, no arctica. But i mean why not just find someone with an arctica? Youre in seas right? Im guessing lots of guys there have one.

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simke01 can I add u in game?

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we , SkyClouds , are doing lava 3 daily with a 30/35 secs at the end

we still used artica or molty and ice demon :D

guiild: SkyClouds
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TheLord, I am revisiting this book-marked thread.  Care to update?  Have you replaced all these Santa's with SM or GR at this point?  And Molt seems to be there just for the Scatter.

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Does no one use eye of Garuda, I always see it refreshed back to back so it possibly doesn't stack but triggers after each other.

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