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[Guides] Power Leveling Dungeon 4 Level 14

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This require level 5star+ Druid(lv3skill+) & Spirit Mage/Succubuss
note: The Spirit Mage is not required but recommend.  The Succubuss can work but keep a close track on the time and remain building and troops might need to be deployed.
(This can also work if you want to level all 5 hero.  The method is the same just place a few guardian to draw the units out and than drop all 5 hero right at the start)

Step 1. Drop the Druid(1st) and Spirit Mage/Succubuss here.  Make sure there is troops in the army camp by the wall.
This is to ensure the druid will agro the camp by having the druid attack a UNIT.

Step 2. You just want to agro the units NOT THE PAIN-DA.  Once the units are killed your hero will move towards the army camp and will agro the pain-da and cyclops.  Your hero should make quick work of the two.  but keep an eye on their hp and drop a spell if required.  (note: if your hero agro all three hero at same time you need to drop guardian angel to protect)

Step 3.Your heros will move north east.  There are two cannon tower left, You want to agro them before droping guardians. This is to ensure the cannon tower keep attacking the druid/succubuss and not the guardian

Step 4. Drop 6 Guardian to agro the Assassin.  The assassin will than run towards your guardian. (if cannon is targeting guardian, wait until the cannon goes back to druid/suc)

Step 5. Once the assassin gets close enough to the guardian you place in step 4 drop 20 guardian (they should go for the assassin now and not the tower).   You don't want to agro the army camp.

Step 6. Do the same thing you did with the assassin here with the executioner.

Step 7. You might need to drop 25-30 guardian since the magic tower is more effective against the guardians.

Step 8. You want to drop the hero you want to give exp to at this point.  I was trying to get my ninja to 100 so I drop him. (you can drop the hero at any time and any place as long as you drop him before the battle)

Step 9. This is what the battle field looks like now.

Step 10.  Result

Each hero will get 700exp.  If your just power leveling the druid & SM/SUC they will get 1k each.

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This is with just the Druid & Suc.

Since people don't believe me when I say SM isn't required.

Noticed the increase in Guardian death? Thats because the SUC doesn't have enough DPS to clean up the battle field as fast as the SM.

When I do this with Druid & Suc I sometimes run out of time. So to ensure the battle ends I drop guardians to kill remain tower.  So this increases guardian death rate.

I also needed the restore spell because she agro pain-da and cyclop at the same time.  
But the dungeon drops 8k gold and the spell cost 6k so your still getting a net increase of 2k gold.

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Hola como están

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Excellent tutorial! Just a side note... its ok to lose gold when powerleveling...that's what smurfs are for :)

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First off, thank you for an excellent guide.

I am powerleveling my druid/TG atm Druid 91 and TG 73 (got him yesterday) wouldn’t it be possible to use the TG instead of the Succubus and benefit from the random killing the TG has a little like the SM? Or doesn’t the TG have the dps as the succubus over a 3 min battle?
I am aiming for Druid/TG duo for the dungeon
Druid 95-100
TG 90+

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1. This is a guide, as such your free to play with it to come up with a better way.  
My way of doing this dungeon is in no way the best.  I'm sure some people could do it better.

This was made to give info on the game so others can do this dungeon and probably improve on it.

2.  Your probably right in that a tg is possible.  Your free to experiment and let others know.  I don't do this dungeon anymore because my hero could do harder one.

But this dungeon is unique because of the exp it gives and the level of difficult is fairly easy IMO

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Hero Ninja and Thunder

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Hero Ninja and Thunder

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The only free hero ninja is the Executioner.... Buying a Hero Base does not give you another free Hero ninja