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[Guides] My arena guide

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[backcolor=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Arena guide
First off the arena although seem simple by design with its 3 lanes and the small selection of hero (only 8 hero have the stats for high level arena)

Hero plays a big role in arena, raid and boss fights, It's impossible to have all 3 with the same 5 hero.
In order to have the best raid team you can't have the best arena team.  So with that in mind what I'm about to talk about is the BEST ARENA team and I'll only make short notes about raids & boss fights.

There is only a small section of heroes for top arena player to pick from. All legendary + assassin

For players that can't afford 5 legendary here are some good choices
Executioner is pretty good because of DPS & Stun
Werewolf is 2nd hero with the most HP (after paladin)
Shaman is 3rd hero with the most HP
Cyclops has good DPS and skill

Skill level is important to your arena team, you don't need 9/9 to be rank 1, but having level 1 skill won't do.  It's easy to get to level 2 and not hard for level 3.  Try to get your main 5 hero to level 3 skill and key hero to level 4 skills and you'll notice a huge difference in ability for arena, raid & boss.

This is the most expensive thing about a putting the best arena team together and will be discuss in length as I write this.

There are only two type of arena team you can make, and it's a sliding scale so you can have parts of both team.

Crystal team: Avoid enemy hero go for the crystal
Hero Team: kill enemy hero and then crystal
Balance Team: have parts of both crystal and hero team.  This is my preference.  My team are balance for arena & raid (not so much for boss).  So my team will have a hard time against a pure hero/crystal team.

As of right now the best Arena Team is Fxxk.  He has revive for ninja and enfeeble for druid,sm,suc,tg.
No team can beat him in arena UNLESS they meet and kill his heroes.  This isn't hard to do because enfeeable doesn't support combat as well as other talent. This is the BEST crystal team on IOS.

Talents for Crystal teams:
Enfeeble: 5/5

Talents for Hero Team:
Revitalize 5/5
Some of these skills are not suited for raiding or boss fight at all

As of right now iOS does NOT have a good hero team.
A good hero team will have 5/5 revitalize.
This will ensure that if your hero encounter enemies in the lane they are moving in they will proc (special) before the enemy.  The champion with a 3 sec stun to 3 heroes would be deadly.  With TG aoe stun and damage as well as the HIGH dps for SM and his special.  A team of 5 paladin would not survive to long enough to kill 1 hero.

Crystal team will only be in a single lane and will run straight to the crystal.  As long as it's open they will win.  Crystal team can be place in 1 of 3 lanes so the odds for victory are 66% of the time (33% he will meet hero team and loses)

In that aspect the Crystal team > Hero team

A hero team could split his forces into 2 team and attempt to engage the enemy 66% of the time.

Here the thing if the Hero team split his forces to use all 3 lanes he "could" win 100% of the time.
This is tricky because 1 hero > 5 enfeeble hero that move at same speed. So it all comes down to level.

NOTE: A pure hero team is very effective against boss fights
NOTE: A pure crystal team is not as good in raids or boss fight

I have a balance team like most people that does well in raids, arena and will do fine in boss fights
I mainly focus on the berserk talent because I find its more important to get exp from raiding so I could out level other players to make up for the difference in heroes talents.

It's very simple to have a pure crystal / hero team.  For a balance team it's a bit tricky
It's also more fun as well

You can use 3 lanes / 2 lanes / 1 lane

1 Lane = 33% meet the enemy hero / 66% chance for open
2 Lane = 66% chance at meeting hero / 33% chance for open

(I'll cover 3 lane defenses in a later time because of its complexity)

Attack tactics:
Block & Run
This is where you deploy 1-4 heroes to slow down the enemy while your other hero run straight to the crystal
This only works if you get the placement correct so you need to know where the enemy 5 heroes are located.

This is when you trade your low level Ninja for a High level Ninja
If you have a Ninja with 3/5 - 5/5revitalize or Ninja with 4/5 or 5/5 Self Destruct you can employ this tactic

This works well if the enemy relays a heavily on Ninja DPS for victory

For a bit of time I had to use this against Shadygad.  His hero all reach 6 star and most of mine were 5 star.  But because my talents were berserk I would lose by a few hits to his crystal.  His ninja was 5 level above mine so I know if both our ninja died I would win the battle.

Paladin Block
Paladin makes a great road block with his high hp & his special.
Paladin with 4/5+ revitalize will activate his special at the start.  This will often delay the enemy long enough for an easy victory.

The Shell Game
If the attack need to engage your hero to win, and they always attack you right before HB payments than you can employ this tactics to defend.  Basically you keep switching hero lane around the time he raids you.  The faster you do it the better the chance for wasting his tries.

This works great with SM+Druid+Champ(revive)
The camp will run ahead and take the damage since he is the only melee he will quickly die but not before he gets over 50% energy for his special.  Upon his death the enemy hero will change target to the druid/sm.  Since they are range the will move forward.   Your champ is revive and will stun and damage 3 hero, Since he is revived he will quickly receive health from the druid and his special.  The stun and the DPS from sm&druid will quickly kill off the enemy heroes.

This team of 3 can often kill 5 hero of the same level.

Easy Death
TG with 5/5 revit & SM 5/5 revit can kill 5 hero by themselves. This way you don't need to have revit for druid.

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Guide is nice but not applicable to most players because they're non IAP and have at most 1 legendary

it would be good if you could include ordinary/elites in the guide (besides the small 3-4 sentences you have dedicated to non-legends)

Posted on 11/18/13 8:26:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

intimidatingjay replied at 11-18-2013 07:27 PM
Guide is nice but not applicable to most players because they're non IAP and have at most 1 legendar ...

everything i write is base on experience, so i'll be honest
I have little to no experience with ordinary
and limited knowledge on elite

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c39836703 replied at 11-18-2013 08:26 PM
everything i write is base on experience, so i'll be honest
I have little to no experience with o ...

I've noticed :)

good guide nonetheless

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No pumpkin dude on IOS?

Posted on 11/18/13 8:40:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

leary93 replied at 11-18-2013 08:34 PM
No pumpkin dude on IOS?

not yet

waiting for the update as well

Posted on 11/18/13 8:46:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

But its out on droid for quite a time already. And. Its. OP.

And brings a lot more dynamics to the Arena, since you can DPS race without ninja :)

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Thanks for the guide

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Found out something interesting today when I was placing my hero.

The placment does matter (to a small degree).

You do have alittle bit of control over which hero is at the front and who is at the back.

Now I admit that this is not a huge factor in the arena, but some arena fights are so close that this might mean the difference between my hero reaching the crystal before the enemy.

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