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[Guides] My arena guide

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Posted on 6/19/14 2:45:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok so I've invested in talents and have now cracked top 1000 as a lord. I'm looking for input on best strategies. They are all level 6 except Druid who just became level 7. Here is my team

Druid 4 revitalize
Duke 4 revitalize
Spirit 4 revitalize
Champ 3 revitalize
Cupid 5 berserk
Immortep 4 berserk
Tgod 3 berserk
Snowzilla 2 berserk
Succubus 3 revive
Atlanticore 5 sprint ( going to try for revive against boss )

I've been able to beat higher ranked players and Heros in head to head and sometimes with the tank strategy using Druid and ac to stall their guys. What are my best configurations and what talents should I replace?

Thank you

Posted on 9/22/14 6:08:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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