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[Guides] Free to play guide

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Just a note.  This will not make you rank 1 or rank in the top 20.  But it will improve your ranks[backcolor=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]

How to be a Top Player in this game
I will not go into details on why, because it'll be a freaking book.

Free to Play

Hero badge reserve
Everyone has 5 main heroes they use in the arena.
I use the Druid, SM, TG, NIN, SUC.
The HB reserve = HB Cost for next upgrade.
If your heroes are level 60-79 you need 170,000 HB saved.
If you do not have that much HB saved DO NOT Use HB on other heroes or purchase hero using HB.
As a f2p you don't get a lot of HB and using them on heroes for garrisoning is a big mistake.
You have to focus on just 5 arena hero so you can earn enough hero badges to get garrisoning.

You get daily offers and achievements (tapjoy now too).
Gems can be use for a lot of things.  F2P don't get a lot of them so make the best use for the gems you have.
1.    Roll for heroes
a.    You need 5 legendary heroes to really enjoy this game.
2.    Refresh talents
a.    If your lucky you might not need to do this, but most of us will need to refresh some talents because 1/5 slow isn't useful for anything.
3.    Purchase gold
a.    I say this simply because of how hard it is to get gold, this should not be an option if you do not have 10 Legendary heroes.  5 for hero bases and 5 for towers.

Hero Shards
This is the most important currency in the game
You have to really grind for this stuff and its rare...
It takes weeks to get 2,000 hero shards, You should save this stuff for legendary hero.

Base Defense
Don't brother defending, if you can't buy legendary hero your base will not stand up.
Yes you can defend against players that didn't buy legendary heroes. But this will only drain your gold storage.  You're better off with a 100% undefended base and just get  a 100% shield.
Right now your best defense is to keep might low, and just grind heroes to 100 to farm shards.

Raiding is to keep your hero from dying, if they don't die they can keep raiding.  The more they raid the higher their exp is and the less they will die.   You will quickly find that hero not dying means you'll rocket in arena ranks and can farm shards much easier.  DO NOT ATTACK BASES THAT YOU CAN'T BEAT

Keep your might low don't get things you don't need.
Upgrade the following
Gold store
Mana Store
Hero Altar

Do not upgrade townhall until you can no longer upgrade those 4

This is what your base should have
1.    Townhall
2.    One or two towers
3.    1 army camp
4.    1 relic hall (enough for level 1 restore)
5.    5 hero base
6.    5 hero
7.    1 hero altar
8.    2 gold stores
9.    2 mana store
10.    1 gold mine
11.    1 mana pump
12.    1 troop upgrade

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I'm taking a slightly different tactic right now.  I'm trying to upgrade only the things that will help me raid (so you have keep upgrading your mana/gold vaults)

I have zero towers (I don't care about defense, I would rather the first person that attacks me gets 100% so I can have a long term shield).  

I'm running with three Army Camps - upgraded as much as I can (currently lvl 11 on the way to 12).  

My Relic Hall is lvl 5 so that I have a full strength Arrow Rain (I can usually take out 1+ army camp of anyone in my Might range, depending on their layout).  

My Hero Bases are lvl 1, because I can just wait out the time for my heroes to respawn at their current level (I might have to change this as I start getting them over lvl 60).

I have no trouble beating almost anyone that come up when I raid, so it is really easy to get gold and mana.  I'm usually fully stocked and just raiding for the xp and minimal HB.  

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Thx u are the best

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This needs a slight updating, at least in the part that says "Don't buy walls, keep might low as much as possible for as long as possible."

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Really?? I don't Agree of what you said. There's always a way of defending your base. Is just how we place our building and how we attack.

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hi! just have a question.. ive got only 2 heroes but got 5 hero base.. how can i have 3 more heroes? and y should we stay low our might? tnx!

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