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[Guides] [Smurf] HBM General Guidelines

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For anyone that has a smurf/account at town hall 10 i have a nifty base for HBM. Its a cross between a corner base and a clover style. I call it my wallflower. Joking

Corny name aside i am quite content with this one, as it has served me quite well. You may dispute that the reason the base serves me well is due to my heroes. Well you would probably be spot on, regardless of why; i do love it and can't wait to test it further.  All of my tries with it to date have ended nicely. Usually without hero loss.

Note, to those asking about the effectiveness of archer towers vs. cannon/magic i have this to say:

Archer Tower: they shine in their high single target DPS. They are extremely useful in later waves since the heroes have such high HP. Consquently popular garrison  choices are Green/Purple. As green causes towers to prioritize Heroes and the purple increase the damage dealt to them. Blue in this case i find less useful since it only adds a % of HP to the tower. In higher level waves the tower is meant to be bait, and in general a small boost in HP won't make a significan difference. Unless of course you don't mind the additional might.

Magic Tower: Multi target, good for dealing with groups of enemies. They do allow for the targeting of both aerial and ground troops, which makes them useful for groups of Griffins and etc. their low DPS however makes them largely in effective against heroes. The benefit of garrisons in magic towers is the introduction of a stun chance. If you do a blue garrison, at level 1 you recieve a 10% chance to inflict coma for 2 seconds. Both the chance to stun and the duration thereof increase as you use a higher level garrison. Green increases attack speed while purple increases the total target limit and damage.

Cannon: Fantastic for dealing with large groups of enemies. The downside is the inability to target aerial troops. I like to have a cannon in order to help me pick off targets that may have otherwise strayed out I'd the range of my defenses. The cannons however lose some luster at higher HBM tiers, since the heroes become the main focus. Garrisons here increase the damage, splash and send additional projectiles.

Heroes: the bread and butter of your HBM defense. I would recommend keeping your heroes centralized in order to maximize their effectiveness. Heroes that stray out of the center tend to die horribly. Another key element in the successful completion of HBM is proper Hero selection. You may be tempted to use your Paladin or Succubus but I would advise against it. High DPS units such as Snowzilla, Ninja, Pumpkin Duke and etc. are priceless. Heroes with large AOL effects are similarly prized. Thunder God is delightful when he procs, and surprisingly the Engineer fairs notably as well. Personally I enjoy having the Druid on board, when he procs and heals your team it is a welcome bit of respite.

Good luck chaps, hope I helped :)

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Nice job

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What do you have to say about Canons!?

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There you go, you fixed it! :)

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Brilliant idea

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A good layout for TH 10s, but once again, just to make it clear to all TH 10 players - don't expect to make it far in HBM at TH 10, you really should keep upgrading.

Good guide and nice concept though.

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what HBm is this  HBM A only ? i need B

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This is B. I also just cleared C with it 3x
EDIT: no hero Loss by the way :)

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yougot some imba heroes there hehe..what if you dont have TG and SM..

Im looking for bases for HBM B with just druid as legend...then others are elite or ordinary....not all smurf account is lucky......

looking for HBM guide for B smurf accounts../secondary accounts...anyone have a good guide??

I only have level 2 level (1 towers) and 1 cannons.. TH 10 maybe there is a setup wherein they will be force to walk and attack other things not tower itself.

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chynnaheart replied at 2-2-2014 11:41 PM
yougot some imba heroes there hehe..what if you dont have TG and SM..

Im looking for bases for HBM  ...

For that i would suggest placing your towers in the middle of your walls. Make enough of a distance so that they can't be hit by archers/etc. then place buildings like storages around them. To be honest the Druid is the reason i pass C. When it takes agro its bar fills up so fast it won't stop healing lol. (Notice how my heroes hp was pretty much full at the last wave)

you have to get a feel for your own base and see what it can take. I know my redeeming feature are my heroes so i make sure enemies are funneled towards them. If your best def are your towers then centralize and protect them.
Overall all i can say is good luck mate, have fun and keep us posted if you find something that you like