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[Guides] Farming Dungeons, as example D3S2

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Posted on 2/2/14 6:02:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, I wanna tell you how to farm dungeons well, without troops. What's the most important thing you need to do if you wanna farm dungeons?

1. Something that will recover your HP:
- Restoration - usually not enough
- Angel - for beginners without Druid
- Druid - the best one

2. Tank or "troops spam"

The biggest Danger in dungeons is Assasin or Ninja, they can kill your heroes with few hits. Firstly you have to take them down. Use your tank or spam troops (like guardians) to let them become the target of Assasin and when she comes closer, put your other heroes to kill her before losing tank. Examples:
- Guardians, best one if your tank can't handle damage from Assasin or another hero you want to take down, they spawn fast, have low cost etc.
- Werewolf - for beginners who don't own Paladin or Atlanticore yet
- Paladin & Atlanticore - I would recommend the first one, he has more HP, higher speed atack ratio and he is faster (not sure, I have to check it) than Atlanticore.

3. Just watch an example of doing Dungeon 3 Skull 2 with ~ 80-100 lvl heroes:

I'm back ^.^