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[News] Castle Clash Update [April 4 iOS] Version 1.3.0

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Our servers will go offline for maintenance at 3:00 am (Server Time) on April 04th for 60 minutes. Each player will get 400 Gems for the earlier disconnection issues as well as an additional 200 Gems for the delay caused by this maintenance.

Please note that a number of features will be non-active until the updated version is officially released; namely, the new heroes can be hired, but they cannot be accessed before the release date.

New Hero "Immortep" (Can be hired with Gems or with 7500 Hero Shards)
Skill: Storm of Seth
Grade: Legendary (Purple)
Effect: Surrounds Immortep within a sandstorm for 6 secs. Has a chance to deal 120% DMG and inflict Coma for 1 sec. to units within the sandstorm.
Note: The new Hero, Immortep may not display or work correctly if the game has not been updated to the latest version.

Adjustments and Fixes:
1. The combat selection roster at the bottom of the screen has been changed to show Heroes first.
2. You’ll get 2 confirmation prompts before selling Decorations. No more, no less. Well one less.
3. The interface will now have a chat bubble indicator for the "Here Be Monsters" and "Challenge A Boss" activities, similar to the Arena, indicating availability of the activities.
4. Hero Skill and Talent portraits have been updated. They wanted to show off their good side.
5. Updated the Battle Reports for Raids, Dungeon, Arena Battles, and Here Be Monsters battles.
6. The Daily Reward feature has been updated into a calendar format. We finally hammered out the Y2K issue.

1. After this update, the Replay feature will not record Raids or Arena Battles that occur between players who are on running the game on different patch versions.

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