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[News] Castle Clash Update (Dec 19 iOS) [Version 1.3.8]

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Posted on 12/19/14 8:23:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 9:00 pm on Dec 19th (GMT-5) for 60 minutes. Once the maintenance is complete, players will get 200 Gems.

1. Added new feature: Here Be Monsters II.
2. Added new feature: Expert Dungeons.
3. Added a new Christmas background and decorations.
4. New Hero: Santa Boom
Skill Name: Fireworks Bazooka
Skill Description: Fires a bazooka at two random targets, dealing XX% ATK and lowering MOV & ATK SPD by XX% in the area around the targets for 4 secs. Cooldown: 7 secs.
5. Orksbane and the new hero Santa Boom can now be hired with the Legendary Hero Card.
6. Added an effect to make the player’s team more distinguishable in the Lost Realm.
7. New item: T. Dungeon Entry Card.

1. Increased the Hero Slots limit by 10.
2. Increased the maximum Inscription level by 20.
3. Tapping each effect in Garrison will display Heroes with corresponding grades.
4. Fixed display issue with Stamina countdown timer in the Lost Realm.
5. Fixed display issue with occupied duration of Battle Altars in the Lost Realm.
6. Fixed issue with the base appearing half-transparent on certain devices.
7. Adjusted the maximum number of Blue Crystals in the Lost Realm to ten million.
8. Heroes with Crests equipped will no longer appear in the list of consumable Heroes.
9. Fixed issue with Orksbane losing his Stun immunity after being revived.
10. Fixed the display issue with the total number of achievements.
11. A 'Replenish' button has been added to the Relic Hall to recharge used spells.

Note: Please avoid trading Merits for items in the Warehouse if you have not updated to the latest version 1.3.8.

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