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Posted on 6/17/15 7:14:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please be advised that we have created a couple of new threads: (1) "Guild Index" which list all the Guilds in alphabetical order by platform, so that members seeking a guild can find the pertinent information in one location in one thread:  (2) "Looking For a Guild?" where members actively seeking to join a guild are to post their information so that potential guilds can contact you with invitations to join.

This was done for a couple reasons, (1) To decrease the number of Guild related threads in the General chat sections, (2) Make the process of finding and joining a Guild an easier process for all involve.  With this thread Guild Leaders / Recruiters can read your information and make a decision as to whether or not they feel you meet the guild requirements and will be a good fit for their existing team.  This does not preclude you from searching the Guild Index and applying to any guild which you are interested in.  

If you are a Guild complete the template here to be added to the Guild Index: 

If you are looking for a guild fill in the information required and post here:

Feel free to pm me with questions or post in the Event Q&A thread.  DO NOT PM ME YOUR INFORMATIONl



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