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[News] Castle Clash Update on Dec 16 (iOS) [Version 1.5.3]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 1:00 am on Dec 16th for 120 minutes. Players will get 400 Gems after the maintenance. This includes 200 Gems for our "How to Make a Pumpkin Duke" video achieving more than 50,000 views on YouTube.

New Features
1. Added a new Artifact feature accessible from the Relic Hall.
2. Added new Hero attributes - Accuracy, Dodge, Critical Hit, Critical Damage, and Critical Resist. Values displayed on the Hero interface are its base attribute values. They do not include effects of blessings from Artifacts.
After this update, all Heroes will have the Accuracy attribute by default. The other attributes will be added in the upcoming updates along with new features.

Additional Content
1. Added new difficulties for Here Be Monsters.
2. Added new Quests related to Insane Dungeons and the Arena. 

New Hero
Introducing Candy Kane!
Skill Name: Sweet Revenge
Skill Description: Deals DMG equal to XXX% ATK to X random enemies on the field, reducing their Energy by XX. Also increases the Dodge rate of X allies with lowest HP by X% for Xs. Hero has Lv 8 Scorch. Cooldown: 5s.
Note: Candy Kane can be hired with Gems after the server update. She may not display normally on older versions.

1. It's started snowing in Castle Clash! Winter Trees and Snowman decorations are now available in the Shop.
2. Heroes can now be hired in bulk with Hero Shards.
3. Added a confirmation prompt when consuming Master Slimes.
4. Tomes can’t be sold when you are holding the maximum amount of Honor Badges.
5. Optimized the Heroes Altar interface. You will now return to the position you scrolled to in the Heroes Altar upon entry.
6. Adjusted the Gem cost for buying Gold and Mana. The cost of Gems required has been reduced if the amount of Gold/Mana bought exceeds the capacity of your Vaults.
7. Fixed an issue where new items don’t immediately appear in the Warehouse.
8. Fixed the issue where the Arena displayed incorrect Heroes after switching accounts.
9. Fixed the issue where the cost of leveling up high-level buildings were not displayed on the level up buttons.
10. Minor adjustments have been made for Might. This may affect the Might of some players.

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hi respawn :) this is my ios forum account

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Eva, iOS Society has announced it in the morning I doubt anyone would come here. I think if Merchandise becomes a mod he will shift all iOS players to the forums and it will revive again. And I know Merchandise already said he doesn't want to be a mod but I will convince him.

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Thanks for the gems!

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What do they mean the might of players are gonna be affected by a minor adjustment I think they should let us hire 5 more or 10 more heroes that would be nice

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Good thing I cleared WG,LB and Mesa! Had a feeling tonight was the update! Time to cover the treasure when we are back!

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I finally roled a pumpkin duke, I was in warehouse storage mode, and when I went into my warehouse, it wasn't there, that was 2 weeks ago, it still isn't there

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