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[News] CC Forum(s) Are Searching For New Moderators

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Posted on 9/1/16 6:22:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In order to maintain a more harmonious forum for our players, we are currently recruiting 2-3 Moderators. If anyone is interested in becoming one of these moderators, then they should read the following requirements to gain a clearer understanding of the overall scope of the position.

Duration Time:
September 1st,- September 7th, 11:59(Gmt-5)

Application Requirements:
1.  Already an active forum member.
2.  Have time to go on the Forum at least 4 days a week and an active member of the 
     CC Forum.  (meaning they have posted a substantial amount, excluding spam.)
3.  Often helping other players to solve problems and have a good understanding of how to 
     manage a forum well. 
4.  Familiar with the game, and enjoy Castle Clash

1.  Moderator is required to meet post requirements by replies to any player's post / 
    question / thread. *To be further clarified upon appointment*
2.  Maintain a positive and harmonious forum.
3.  Encourage more players to join the forum and come up with events for Forum members.
4.  Communicate with forum members frequently and maintain a good relationship with members.

Number of positions:
We will pick about 2-3 new Moderators.
There will be a one-month probationary period for all new moderators. If the new moderator doesn't meet the obligations during the first month, the position will be taken back.

To Participate:
Answer the question, “Why do you want to be a moderator?”  (Limit to 200 words)
*Be straight forward and direct - less is more*

Why do you want to be a moderator?
“I am really eager to join the CC Moderator staff, I’ve been playing CC for more than 5 months now and I am quite familiar with all aspects of the game. I’ve leveled all my Heroes to Lv.100. I also have a lot of suggestions on how we can work together to improve the Forum and the whole CC community. For example, I think it would be fun to have weekly events in our Forum”.

The Election will be comprised of two (2) Parts:
Part I Members submit their applications for consideration, at which point we encourage forum members to post your comments in support of the those you feel would be good candidates. 

Part II Moderator selection process, in which the moderators will review the applications and accompanying comments before casting their votes for the new moderators.

If this is something that interest you, don't hesitate and join now. We hope you reply soon! Applications may only be submitted in this thread, any post which doesn't match the application will be deleted. 


Posted on 9/1/16 6:41:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"Why do you want to be a moderator?”
I would like to be a moderator on these forums to help new players keep playing essentially.
I like helping people get better whether its from hero combinations, talents or game modes.
On the same token i also would like to help keep the forum free of trolls and repeat posts.
I have admined AND moderated many gaming forums and i believe i can be a great addition to the mod team on these forums.
Thanks for looking at my application.

LINE: iYoDa2.0
Posted on 9/2/16 4:22:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello ^_^ I would like to apply as Mod, but not on this account, but on my other acc (MR.DEEPWEB) which is still under mute for whatever reason (let's not discuss here).

I am successfully hosting a Lava Chat on iOS and have helped approximately 100 people find a group. I am doing the same for Android maybe when i get things done on iOS. I am one of the Leaders on a top guild in iOS and have been relatively doing my job well. I want to be a Moderator on the forums to help out others more. I've been kind of "trolly" in the past but I would like to show people a more serious side of me. I'm a veteran CC player and have been playing over 2 years now. I come online on the forums everyday so I can assure you I am very active. I will spread the positivity and try to keep the forums disciplined and clean as much as possible. I will do my best to help other people in the forums.

I will help out in many ways so I really hope you consider me as one of the mods, it would be an honor. Thank you again for giving us all a chance to change (for the good) and be something a little bit different.

Kind Regards, Brod_Elite/MR.DEEPWEB

Posted on 9/2/16 10:59:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My question is, which mods are leaving?

Visualize Whirled Peas
Posted on 9/2/16 4:35:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Is there anything a moderator cannot do that they can do as a regular?

Fair use.
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Gotta love America. 
Posted on 9/2/16 7:39:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"Why do you want to be a Moderator?"

I've never applied for moderator before but I’m ready to rise up to the challenge. I think I am qualified to be a moderate because of many reasons. First of all, I founded the iOS Society chat, which is a chat room on Line created for iOS players who are 100k+ in might and with my leadership team we were able to expand on our small group and now we have 300+ players whom are a part of our small community. I used to deliver updates and news via the iOS Bot on Line but because the forums become inactive and players lost interest I had to stop.
I am here to revive the forums and make as many people as I can happy and motivated to play this game again. I am friendly with everyone and always willing to help those who need me.In my eyes I see everyone as an equal, doesn’t matter what gender or race you are. I am also an officer in my friend’s Public Lava Chat which is a chat that was created to help iOS players look for a team to be a part of for Lava 3. In addition I'm also part of iOS leaders and forums chat (hosted by Krikara). Android players know me of course since I was in GM chat and other related game chats.  Do I have experience? Well I’m 183k might and of course I know almost everything about the game, I don't want to lie and say everything because it's never true, there's always room to learn. I've thoroughly read the forum rules and have understood them to their full extent. So vote for me and I'll make the forums great again!

Line ID: Merchx
Posted on 9/2/16 8:22:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"Why do I want to be a moderator?"

For the last 2 years I've went from just a beginner who had no experience to a seasoned veteran in The game, as well as forum. I like yoda used to moderate a forum for a niche in my town, I know full well how to keep the peace between players as well as respect boundaries for people. I have read iggs policies in regards to the forum and am more than willing to be fair and affable minded towards those who spend and dedicate their time to us here, and as well as players in game who help others. During my time on the forums, I  manged to seek fairness for events for arctica for us iOS players, which in turn also benefited us as players and igg as a whole. Later I received my arctica from uncover the treasure, which I'm highly grateful for. Also I've performed Research on my own accord for events which may be beneficial to the players of this forum. I seek to eleminate spam during updates, as well as daily so that us players will have cleaner atmosphere to obtain equitable knowledge to enhance their gaming and accounts.

Posted on 9/3/16 6:04:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

+1 for you

Posted on 9/3/16 9:15:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why ? I'm able to see things from mutiple points of views which enables me to post things new players would find helpful. I also post without a personal benefit. Last but not least I have a natural tendency to make an effort to help others without the ego. I post a lot anyways might as well and did I mention the no ego and no personal benefit.

Fair use.
Moral Rights. 
Gotta love America. 
Posted on 9/5/16 12:09:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Do moderators have access to official information which can be used to better serve the community?

Fair use.
Moral Rights. 
Gotta love America.