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[News] Castle Clash Update on Sept 18 (iOS) [Version 1.6.6]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 1:00 am (server time: GMT-5) on Sept 18 for about 2 hours. Players will get 400 Gems after the maintenance (inclusive of 200 Gems for the earlier disconnection issues). 

1. Introducing the newest Hero, The Demogorgon
Skill Name: High Voltage
Skill Description:
Strikes X random foes three times over Xs. Deals total DMG equal to X% ATK to each target, inflicting Blinded for Xs. Also gains immunity to DMG from attacks and increases CRIT Rate by X% for Xs. Immune to Stun and Fear. Cooldown: 5s.
2. Added feature explanation to Crest Forging interface.
3. Added a Help button to the Here Be Monsters, Heroes Trial, Lost Battlefield, Team Dungeons, and Team Here Be Monsters interfaces.
4. Added an indicator in the Heroes Altar to display the number of Heroes.
5. Harpy Queen and Skull Knight can now be hired with Legendary Hero Cards

1. Castle Crisis Optimizations:
a) Improved base setup process for the Ember Army stage to make it easier to use.
b) Changed the system message when bonus Donation Points are awarded for donating to the Avaricifer.
c) Tweaked the donation settings for the Avaricifer. The system will now remember the amount of resources donated the previous time.
d) Avaricifer rewards are now based on amount of Donation Points earned.
e) Reduced the daily donation limit of Avaricifer.
f) Adjusted animation effect of Impster.
g) Rankings for the top 4,000 are now updated every three minutes. Ranks beyond 4,000 are still updated every three hours.
2. Medusa can now always gain Energy from basic attacks.
3.Increased the maximum number of Hero slots by 1.
4.Fixed the issue where the Skill EXP gauge doesn't increase when consuming items.
5.Fixed the freezing issue that occurs when some items are opened. 
6.Fixed the anomaly on the main interface that happens after using Here Be Monsters in certain situations.Fixed the issue where the Heroes Altar interface does not immediately update after Hero slots are unlocked.

1. Rewards for Castle Crisis - Avaricifer will be updated after the maintenance due to the change of event rules.
2. Just like Moltanica and Arctica, the new Hero Demogorgon can only be won through events. Demogorgon cannot be hired with Gems.

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When can we have more warehouse spaces? Please add more

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Far out I was in middle of a battle

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I love this game

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Warning has been issued  Warning

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I think Medusa should only be hexing heroes - she regularly hexes buildings and that does nothing. Taking into account the cool down time of 8 seconds as well, it only seems logical that her hex attacks heroes only. Thank you for hearing my opinion