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[News] Sneak peak of the Christmas hero

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Posted on 12/12/16 11:25:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is the more Info About Update :-
1. Update new multiplayer defensive copy of 'top of purgatory the I'
2. Add novice 7th login reward. (All players can receive.)
1. Remove hatch pet reward task (some players think that this task is very friendly and engineers decided to hear the player and delete the recommendations related tasks in this update.).

In December for the Christmas months, updated content are a number of elements of Christmas:
Christmas festival Heroes: Gold jingle
Skill Description: to enhance their attack power and X% X% crit chance for 9 sec. (12 seconds cooling time, the hero comes frost burst of talent, every 6 seconds caused Pugong X% damage to the enemy target audience 15 and freezing one second)

Christmas holiday Pet: small fat elephant
Skill Description: Hero Attacked, the small fat like X% chance to make the blood around the X side of the least friendly hero immune dizziness, fear state, and to improve its dodge rate X%, sustained X seconds. (Cooling time X seconds)
Note: small fat elephant illustrations pet pet skills can reduce the incubation time.

In addition, there will be Christmas scenes, Christmas special login loading map and other elements of the Christmas update.

Posted on 12/20/16 6:06:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only