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[News] Castle Clash Update on May 22 (iOS) [Version 1.8.0]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 1:00 am (server time: GMT-5) on May 22 for about 3 hours. Players will get a total of 500 Gems (inclusive of 300 compensation Gems for those issues that players lately encountered) after the maintenance.

1. New feature: Backgrounds
2. New Hero: Gunslinger
Hero Skill Name: Trick Shot
Hero Skill Description:
Deals X% ATK DMG to a random enemy target, and reduces its healing received by X% for Xs. Hero takes X% less DMG, and summons a Warflyer for Xs. (Cooldown: Xs. This Hero gains X Energy every second.) The Warflyer's skill targets the enemy with the least HP, inflicting Coma for Xs and dealing a total of X% Warflyer ATK DMG to all enemy targets in that area. (Warflyer is Elusive and has Lv 5 Scatter. In defense battles, Warflyer ignores Hero Base range.)
3. Added Resources Overview page in the Town Hall.

1. Insane Dungeon 7 released. 
2. Added new questions into Impster's True or False.
3. Guild Name is no longer blocked by the Guild building at certain levels.
4. Added stronger monsters into Lost Realm. 
5. Increased maximum slots in Heroes Altar by 1. (Max 79 slots)
6. Increased maximum slots in the Warehouse by 10. (Max 200 slots)

Where there is a will, there is a way.
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It lokks good

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That all sounds great igg. Can I please make one other suggestion please.
Can we please get this combining crests problem sorted if possible.
Every time I combine a crest set the whole bottom swiping section goes all the
way back to the beginning left. Can it just stay where it is at.

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OK let's go

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