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[News] [Event] [Fourm Event] The Gates of Asgard- Episode II

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Introduction:  The Gates of Asgard have returned !  While hunting in the forest, the Assassin and  Lady Leo have uncovered another Gate to Asgard, and 10 New Trivia scrolls to answer to gain Portal Crystals and unlock the gate, and win Prizes ! 

Description: Members will answer 10 Trivia Questions of CC Set by the Moderator Team, with varying difficulty. Each correct answer will earn 1 Portal Crystal and when the Portal opens, (3) randomly selected members from those earning the highest scores will be awarded the top (3) prizes.  There will also be additional randomly selected entries from those earning the highest scores to be awarded the remaining prizes.

How to Participate:
1) Answer all the trivia questions 
2) Include all gaming info in the area provided *Warning Incorrect or Missing info will mean forfeit of prize* 
3) Please submit your answers in the order in which they were asked, otherwise the entry will be Disqualified.
For Example 
4) Enter and you are Done. 
1st Prize:  3000 Gems 
2nd Prize:  2000 Gems  
3rd Prize:   1000 Gems
500 Gems awarded via random selection of entries with 5 or more correct responses  

Event Duration: August 28th,  to September 4th,  23:59 (GMT-5) 

Event Host: FirstLady & Hanyabull 

1  Which of  these heros is said to be born form a "Scarlet Gem" ? 
A) Lady Leo   (B) Ghoulem   (C) Engineer   (D) Werewolf. 
2  Fill in the Blanks: The Third Magic Slot for the Relic Hall Unlocks at Level ----------------------  
A) 11   (B) 10   (C)13    (D) 12
3  Which Hero's Skill is called "Battle Hymn"  ? 
A) Warlock   (B) Lady Leo   (C) Skeletica   (D) Treantaur

4   Read the Description and Answer the following.
"Hero's are placed here to defend against incoming attacks, you can also send them for attacks, level up to increase the assigned hero's attribute and patrol range"  
 What in CC is this describing? 
A) Hero Relic  (B) Lost Realm   (C) Here Be Monsters   (D)Hero Base
5  Which of these In-Game Event, gives you materials when you buy gems which you can further exchange for prizes? 
A) Treasure Chest  (B) Uncover the Treasure  (C) Be a Alchemist  (D) Lucky Spin 
 How much damage can a Lv 7 Arrow Tower give ?  
A) 713    (B) 710   (C) 700   (D) 706
7 List these heroes in the order of their release.
A) Anubis  (B) Gun Slinger    (C) Heartbreaker    (D) Ronin 

8  Identify the hero from the above poster.
9. Which hero does the following describe?
 "A warrior form a far away land left his home town in search of a lost technique. His adventure brought him to a foreign land were he astounds his enemies by martial arts".
10. State True/False: 
A level 16 army camp has the maximum capacity of  52 Troops.

Event Rules: 

1. You CAN NOT edit your post *Make sure all information is correct because you will not be allowed to edit*
Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address. *mean on any Account/IP Address or DNS Network*
*If you have problems Please PM one of  the Moderator Team.*
3. Spamming/Illegal context will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread.
5. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced.


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