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[News] Castle Clash Update on June 18th (iOS) [Version 2.3.2]

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Posted on 6/17/20 11:37:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 1:00 am (server time: GMT-5) on Jun 18th for about 4 hours. Players will get a total of 300 Gems after the maintenance.

1. New Hero: Dynamica
Skill Name: Energy Cannons
Skill Description:
Summons X Energy Sphere(s) on X random enemy targets (with each target at the center of the area of effect). Each Energy Sphere deals X% ATK DMG to target and surrounding targets every Xs for Xs. (This damage ignores DMG-to-HP Conversion effects and DMG limits of targets.) (Cooldown: Xs. When this Hero has less than X% of its HP, it recovers X% of HP every second, cannot receive more than X DMG per hit and gains immunity to all conditions.)

2. New Hero: Demon Stalker
Skill Name: Widespread Slaughter
Skill Description:
Deals X% ATK DMG to 10 random enemy Heroes. Also reduces their ATK by X% for Xs. (Cooldown: Xs. This Hero takes X% less DMG. When this Hero is attacked, he has an X% chance to Inhibit nearby enemy Heroes for Xs. Cooldown: Xs. This Inhibit condition cannot be removed.)

3. New Super Pet: Sullen Serpent & Mutant Sullen Serpent
Skill Name: Injurious Tail
Skill Description:
Every Xs, reduces X random enemy Heroes' healing effects by X% for Xs and deals X% Pet ATK DMG to them. When Sullen Serpent is in play, it reduces the healing effects of all enemy Heroes within range by X%.

4. New Talent: Dragon's Cover
Description: Reduces DMG received by X% and limits reflected DMG received to X.

5. New Hero Skins ("Cyberscale-X" for Dynamica, "Regal Demon" for Demon Stalker).
6. Added Epic-grade Hero features. (Relics, Hero Assist, and 2 new Factions.)
7. Added Mastermind Dungeon.

1. Increased maximum mailbox slots by 20. (Increased from 40 to 60.) 
2. Added 2 new Destiny areas.
3. Line of Defense reward adjustments.
4. Challenge a Warden reward adjustments.
5. Lost Battlefield reward adjustments.
6. Blitz Gauntlet reward adjustments.
7. Improved matchmaking in Narcia: War Era.
8. Increased maximum slots in the Heroes Altar by 2. (Max 125 slots.)

Posted on 6/18/20 3:00:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

oooclaire, you provide this to the forum.
Would you be so kind to tell from “adjustments” point 7 “improve matchmaking in Narcia: War Era?
What are the improvements/changes?

Posted on 6/23/20 12:42:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So when does anyone from IGG is going to explain what changes are being made from the bracket/matchmaking?
The answers so far, are not satisfying enough!
And live support didn’t even knew there was a change in the bracket/matchmaking.
So please inform the players correctly!

Posted on 12/3/20 2:06:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Woow. Dynamica is so crazy