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[News] Castle Clash Update on Apr 16th (IOS-EN) [Version 2.4.6]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 2:00  (server time: GMT-5) on Apr 16th for about 4 hours. Once the maintenance is complete, everyone will get 300 free Gems. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

1. New Hero: Despotic Maestro
Skill Name: Diminished Melody
Skill Description: Hero waves his conducting baton, inflicting Silence on X random enemy Heroes and reducing their ATK SPD and MOV SPD by X%, all for Xs. Also deals True DMG equal to X% ATK on each of the targets. (If target Hero is immune to Silence, this deals extra Xx DMG.) Casts Harmonious Sounds that lasts for Xs on the friendly Hero with the lowest percentage HP (The target Hero cannot receive damage, move, attack, trigger skills, nor obtain boosts and conditions granted by Skills and Enchantments when Harmonious Sounds is in effect) and restores target's HP equal to X% of target's Max HP. (Cooldown: Xs.) (This Hero is immune to Energy Reduction effects and reduces DMG received by X%.)

2. New Hero: Primeval Golem
Skill Name: Startled Tentacles
Skill Description: Deals X% ATK DMG to all enemy targets along a straight line in front. For the next Xs, when this Hero is attacked, deals X% ATK DMG to all nearby enemy targets (ignores DMG reduction effects and DMG limits of targets). (Cooldown: Xs.) (This Hero is immune to Disarm and reduces DMG received by X%. When Hero has less than X% of his HP, he recovers HP equal to X% of his Max HP every Xs.)

3. New Enchantment: Purgatory
Description: When attacking, deals True DMG equal to X% ATK to the target and targets near it. They also receive X% less healing for Xs. (CD: Xs)

4. New Insignia: Spike Shield
Description: When attacked, removes X Energy from all nearby enemy Heroes (CD: Xs) and has a X% chance to reflect X% of DMG received (ignores reflected DMG limits) (No CD).

5. New Hero Skins (“Rite Conductor” for Despotic Maestro, “Damned Armor” for Primeval Golem)
6. New Layout function allows you to copy the base layouts of friends and Guild members.
7. New prompts for start of limited events (Guild Boss, Guild Wars, Fortress Feud, Narcia: War Era, Torch Battle, Epic Battle, Challenge a Warden, Line of Defense, Lostland, Labyrinth, Castle Crisis, and Blitz Gauntlet)
8. Relic Level increased by 10.

1. Improved interfaces (Main Story Tasks, Quests, claim Gems, Achievements, etc.)
2. Improved Lost Realm: New random buff events, new system Guardians for Assist (available when player has no friends or Guild members with higher Might for Assist)
3. Adjusted Title interface and rewards.
4. Improved Narcia: War Era features and rewards (View registered Guild members, improved team formation, Quests, and Season rewards)
5. Adjusted Guild Boss (Difficulty for next challenge is automatically reduced if Guild fails current challenge)
6. Improved tabs for Insignia Bag interface.
7. Improved prompts when changing Equipment Traits.
8. Added prompt at Hero Altar to show rules (will no longer appear once it’s tapped)
9. Improved Insignia interface to show how to obtain Insignias when the player has none.
10. Improved Hero Skill upgrade interface.
11. Max Hero slot at Hero Altar increased by 2 (Limit: 145)

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed issue in Ember Army where the same Hero can be deployed on the Hero Base.
2. Lady Weldcore’s skill will now target the correct number of units.

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Thank you

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