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[News] Get more surprises and rewards right here!

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Posted on 11/5/21 12:16:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Check out these iOS third-party payment promotional events happening now!

Event 1
Lucky Surprises!
Event period: November 5-7
Event rules:
1. Purchase a Gem order (of any amount) via the third-party payment page to win a Surprise Pack (contains: Resource Select Box I*5,Blessed Tome III*200,Event Coin*2,Breakthrough Select Box I*2). Each account may only receive the Surprise Pack once.
2. All players who made a purchase via the third-party payment page during the event will be entered into the Lucky Pack draw. 10 eligible players will be selected to each win a Lucky Pack (contains: Jar of Gems*200,Hero Coin*50,Adeptness Codex*300,Capstone Ruby*100)
3. Surprise Packs and Lucky Packs will be sent within 7 days after the event ends. Lucky Pack winners will be announced on our official Facebook page and forum. 

Event 2
Gem Bonuses with Every Purchase!
Event period: November 5-7
Event rules:
During the event, get a 50% Gem bonus on your first order (of any amount) via the third-party payment page. Get a 20% Gem bonus on every subsequent order. 

Note: the Bonus Gems are included in your order upon purchase.
To ensure you receive your purchases, please check that your IGG ID shown on the third-party payment page is correct before making any purchase. Please read the step-by step third-party payment purchase guide: