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[News] Castle Clash Updates [12.18 iOS]

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Our servers will go offline for maintenance on Dec. 18, 01:00 EST (GMT -5) for 90 minutes. After the maintenance, every player will receive 300 Gems and 3,000 Honor Badges. Happy Holidays, everybody!

1. [Walls] no longer count towards a player's Might.
2 Hero contribution to a player's Might will be increased.
3. A confirmation prompt will be added when a player requests to join a Guild.
4. Flags Credit costs now cost the same for all Guild members.
5. Reduced the opponent’s Health in the "Challenge a Boss" activity. Tier 2 and Tier 3 Bosses are coming soon.

New Features
1. A cooldown timer will now be displayed on screen after leaving a Guild.
2. Added [Honor Pack] to the Shop. Grants 1,000 Honor Badges for 50 Gems. Each player can only buy it once per day.
3. Added "Daily Top-Up" to the Earn Gems menu. Buy 230 Gems to earn this daily achievement and win 30 Shards.
4. Additional positions added to the Guild system.
   Vice-Leader: Has access to all functions of the Guild system except for disbanding the Guild.
                      (Can only be appointed by the Guild Leader)
   Elder: Able to invite players into the Guild.

Christmas Content:
1. Castle Clash will be updated with the new Christmas theme.
2. Added [Christmas Tree] and [Snowman] Decorations to the Shop.
3. Added 3 new Heroes:
    [Triton] Elite Grade. Skill: Atlantic Doom –While in effect reduces the healing effectiveness of all enemies.
    [Atlanticore]: Legend Grade. Skill: Spectacular Scales –While in effect reflects all incoming damage back atits source.
    [Snowzilla]: Legend Grade. Skill: Snowball Fight –While in effect causes one nearby enemy to become Slowed and take damage every 0.5 seconds.
    Snowzilla can’t be obtained using Shards.

1. Fixed an issue that allowed the Pumpkin Duke's [Celebrate] skill to stack.
2. Fixed an issue where a Guild’s Might doesn’t correspond with the total Might of its members.
3. Fixed the issue where the Magic [Guardian Angel] was unable to affect the [Succubus]'s skill.
4. Fixed the issue where the incorrect Guild Name for a player is displayed on their banners.

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Yes finally

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YESSSS! I shall start building my walls lol.

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game hay that

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