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[News] Castle Clash Update [Feb 18 iOS]

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Castle Clash will be going offline for maintenance on Feb 18, 10:00pm EST (GMT -5) for 1 hour. Once the maintenance is complete, you'll get 300 Gems for your patience!

Content Updates:
1. Updated the UI (User Interface).
2. The UI you're seeing on our latest version is a temporary UI, we will be making adjustments to it subsequently.
3. Increased the HP of Tier 2 and Tier 3 units.
4. Added the Grizzly Reaper Hero. Can be bought for 7,000 Hero Shards.
5. You can now lock Heroes to prevent them from being consumed.
6. Cannon and Magic Towers are now more powerful.
7. Heroes now gain a HP boost when fighting in the Arena.
8. Battle Replays will now have a Fast Forward option.
9. Three new talents have been added:

  • - Life Drain: Recover HP each time the Hero makes an attack.
  • - Enlighten: Hero earns more EXP from battles.
  • - Bulwark: ATK and Max HP increased when in battle.

1. Fixed a game crash bug and other issues caused by Heroes dying while Revive effects are taking place.
2. Fixed several issues that affected certain skills like Guardian Angel.

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