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[Guild] Looking for a Top Guild, 157k Might

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Posted on 12/26/15 9:37:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Forum Name: BlackKingslay

Platform: IOS

IGN: BlackKingslay

Might: 157k

Time zone: CET Central European Time GMT+1 (Switzerland)


I'm looking for a top ranked guild as my current guild is going to be less and less active.
I'm playing CC for more than 2 years, I'm 22 years old and since I started, i've enjoyed playing from the very beginning untill now. That's also a thing I'm looking for in other guild members. Especially with the comming update   I'm up for Mesas, WG, Bossfights, etc. (if it's not in the middle of the night in Europe. That means server time evening.) and for sure discussions about the game and so on.

A few words about my ACC:

Around rank 400 atm.

2. evolved : PD 9/10

1. Evolved : Santa 9/10, Cubid 9/10, Vlad 9/10, War God 9/10, Aries 9/10, Druid 8/10, Mino 8/10, Pixi 8/10, Skull 9/10 (not evolved yet), just gotten Molt (lv160) and atm lvling him up.

I'm sweeping wave S atm, but I hope with Molt I'm able to clear wave T. I was very close without him, but was tired of loosing exp. Also I'm sweeping the last insane dungeon.

I hope I will find a nice guild to share moments and have fun together on CC!

Contact me on Line: User-ID blackkingslay or in the Forum.

Posted on 12/26/15 10:35:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Join Hey-Yo! Currently rank 15 in might.

We do boss 4 every day.

Ive already sent u a pm on line.

IGN: kmy  |  Might: 200k+  |  Status: "F2p"
Guild (iOS): KoA Rank 3 in Might
Insane Dungeon Guide Application Link:
All Insane Dungeons 3 Flamed NO MINO:
Insane Dungeon 5 NO MINO:
Posted on 12/27/15 6:05:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know this is late, but if you are still interested you can join AcadianClashers. Just find us in game and send a message

Posted on 12/28/15 2:36:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Closing thread, OP found a home.