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[Guild] Mutilator! Incredible Guild for Incredible People!!! Come see why...

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Posted on 2/28/17 8:22:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

No need to keep holding your breath! The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes indeed, we have a single slot available in our fantastic guild.  We are still running strong in all aspects. We are currently 21st in overall guild might and still 1st is shear amazingness and quality of members. Come check us out and see for youself. You can also contact me in line as speficifed in original post.

***Mutilator Guild***
Posted on 3/3/17 8:39:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

We filled our last spot but hold onto hope! There were always be another guild war slacker turned disgruntled ex-member who will let you slide into a guild of pure magnificence.

***Mutilator Guild***